“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable”

– Seneca

Workflow Driven – automate the way SpiceCRM works for you

SpiceCRM offers an integrated Workflow engine that allows you to automate tasks and manage processes within your organization. May it be simple tasks like the automatic sending of an email or staggered tasks in marketing automation or the management of complex workflows like a proposal approval. Workflows can also be timed to allow escalations or reminders for topics like contract renewal or similar.

And all integrated in the UI and the core processes of SpiceCRM. no third-party software is required, no process breaks and no changes in UIs. An all integrated solution that gives you the power to ensure proper execution of your processes.


Easily design workflows with the integrated Designer without the need for any deep it skills. All from the admin screens in SpiceCRM. Also manage and monitor workflows from the admin area.


The workflow tasks are an integrated element in the UI. Directly linked to the object the tasks are visible and can easily be started, delegated and completed. All part of the one CRM UI.


Easily extend workflows integrating custom routines and functions. Trigger steps in extenral programs. Derive reponsibilities over complex rules. Start workflows based on fully customizable triggers and much more.

at a glance

Even if the user uses the SpiceCRM interface for the first time, it will be familiar to him as we worked with visual cues like icons and forms he knows from his paper work. This makes working with the system more easy and enjoyable for the user.
SpiceCRM optimizes the screen and presents the information in a clear structure. The layout is crisp and clean and focus on the business user.
We intentionally divided the space on the screen in thematic core areas. So, you easily find the place where to add new data or search for the necessary information and see everything at a glance.

layouts to fit the purpose

SpiceCRM provides you the flexibility you need to meet your everyday business challenges. It aligns and evolves with your unique processes and makes the use of the data more easily and accurately.
Role specific views or even user specific views make working more efficient. Furthermore, every user can define its favorites and create own specific lists to have his main issues on top. Stick notes, liked post-its, to each and every item – so nothing gets forgotten. Customize and use SpiceCRM the way you like it.

state of the art services to support

Nowadays we are all used to the benefits of internet services in our daily routines. As SpiceCRM is web-based the integration of services like proximity search, auto-completion for standard address fields or a webshop-like filter functionality were implemented to provide the user the same benefits in his CRM.
With the integration of Google Maps or Open Street Maps in SpiceCRM any object that has an address can be vizualised. The address gets geocoded and is shown in a map.
Familiar internet service make CRM adoption easier and working with the system more fun.

find what you are looking for

A well adopted and used CRM system is stuffed with tons of data and information.
User specific views and lists help to filter the amount of information. But also if you search the whole bulk – SpiceCRM works user centric and extremely fast.
The searching functionality allows the user to use one single search bar to find anything and everything on SpiceCRM in a really short time. Furthermore, we integrated a filter functionality like one is used from webshops or booking platforms to specify the search and get the best results.
Any information is easy to find on SpiceCRM.