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Shaping the future of CRM – the SpiceCRM Experience

On the one hand CRM as an app category has stabilized. Yet the web application space is still quite rapidly developing and has seen a shift in approach and application development. The single page app has evolved and is moving fast.

While we see SugarCRM as a stable CRM platform the UI (especially of CE is outdated). SugarCRM took some action and developed their own framework (sidecar). While that is delivering a one-page design model and approach the legacy framework that sugar developed can be called outdated at best. Yet the backend remains a stable, fast and performant application platform for CRM and with its open source approach enables fast adoption and cost-efficient use.

In parallel as the undisputed market leader (unfortunately also in terms of price) did a major overhaul of their application and stack and published the “Lightning Design Framework”. Lightning Design is probably among the most developed UI frameworks for a Business Application like CRM or ERP. Also, salesforce did the nice move to publish their design framework under an Open Source License.

On the front of frameworks for Frontend development the latest war is between Google Angular and Facebooks React. While react is mainly focusing on the “V” in MVC Angular is a fully-fledged framework for Web Application Development. Given the scope and complexity of an CRM application Angular is the tool of choice.

A simple equation

SpiceCRM boils down to a simple equation:


Take SugarCRM as a backbone, add Angular as Framework and use Lightning Design for the UI Development.

Why does it Matter?

Amongst the top key factors for successful CRM implementations three of them are top priorities and imperatives:

  • Flexibility: a CRM system needs to be able to adapt. Markets and demands are changing fast – so needs a CRM system.
  • Speed: there are not many things more boring than watching a CRM system load. Response time is key and needs to be fast. In the ages of Web 2.0 people are expecting fast and flexible applications
  • Usability: adoption and use is driven from the ease of use of an application. People need to enabled to easily interact with an CRM system

So why this framework then?

  • SugarCRM: as a core backend CRM engine SugarCRM is fast, scalable and flexible. It can easily be extended to support an organization’s need. On top of all it is pen source and thus free to use which allows to lower TCO and spend money on the things that matter. These are not the commoditized CRM processes but the features that differentiate your organization and drive business
  • Angular4: the currently best in class Framework for application development. With its web component based approach it provides utter flexibility. On top of it Angular4 is one of the fastest frameworks on the market. Applications developed with it are fast.
  • Lightning Design: of course, one can discuss for ages if a design is good or not. In our view Lightning Design is clearly amongst the leaders. With the focus on the business application it is ahead of the curve over other design systems like e.g. material design.

The Spice Experience

All of the above combined delivers a new way of building and delivering the CRM experience to end users. The Spice Experience.
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