the all new Reporter for SpiceCRM scheduled to be released end of Q1

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Reporting is amongst the most important features in a CRM solution. CRM Systems collect big amounts of data and thus represent a great source for sales &marketing as well as service insights. Reporting has always been one of our strenghts. We already last year ported the visualization of our well running reporting engine to the SpiceCRM UI. As of now we are in the final steps of also porting the report designer.

Our reporter provides thus far unmatched reporting features like:
– custum functions and calculations
– multiple charting engines
– Maps Integraton
– native XLS export
– report on audit records
– union reports on multiple Modules in one report (e.g. combining calls, meetings, tasks in a report, or joining contacts and leads …
– and much more

The release of the designer is currently planned for teh Release coming with the end of Q1.