Summary of the Global Partner Summit


Last week I attended SugarCRM’s global Partner Summit in Portugal. Over my past professional career I always have been skeptical on these kind of events and in fact if they add value or are rather a waste of time and money. Yet in this case I have to say it was a worthwhile trip. Well organized and with good content. Especially the technical track they hosted was well done. It was an open atmosphere, good sharing of knowledge and insights with SugarCRM’s development team. Over the years – and I know Sugar know for quite a number of years already – it is good to see that this organisation is maturing. Let’s only hope that they do not loose the spirit that grew them initially which was spirit of a young and agile company that was taking on the big rivals.

Still what I have to criticize is their focus on SalesForce. Come on guys – this is a different game. They conquered their niche of the market and they are doing this exceptionally well. Stop chasing them – you are with your strategy in an excellent position. Also the open source card – don’t give it up but use it wisely. SugarCRM is in a place where other companies (including) salesforce are desperately trying to get to. Just look at Salesforce’s strategy to release Lightning Design under a public license. Or Microsoft with it’s Open Source ideas.

So summarizing – a good event. Kudos to the SugarCRM Team for organising. It was great to meet a load of old friends and see them again. Chat. And last but not least it was nice treat at this time of the year in Portugal.