Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.
-Steve Jobs

SpiceUI - User Experience on a new Level

Usability, speed and flexibility are the key aspects we had in mind and always have in mind when building SpiceUI. We try to minimize clicks and make the UI as intuitive as possible. The design is based on the Lightning Design System.

SpiceUI is role driven with the option to configure it so it matches a specific user groups needs. SpiceUI supports multi languages adopting to your language and the terms used in your company. SpiceUI can be customized to match your own CI. SpiceUI is fast and built on AngularJS – the latest UI framework provided by Google.


User Centric

SpiceUI has the user in mind. It is role based. It is built on “Lightning Design” providing a clean look and ease of use minimizing training needs. SpiceUI leverages HTML5 capabilities like Speech Recognition and others. SpiceUI is role based allowing an easy customization of layouts and screens to match individual user groups focusing on their work environments and needs.


SpiceUI is a 100% web component based Framework. It can be fully customized using metadata that is defined int eh backend and drives the look and behavior of the frontend. SpiceUI can also easily be extended adding custom components or other web elements into the UI. Flexibility that is key to CRM adoption.

Future Proof

SpiceUI is built on the latest Technology. The core Technology is based on Angular from Google, the Design is based on Lightning Design. The Framework is fully written adopting HTML5 Standards leveraging WebComponents as a core concept. This ensures flexibility, speed and a secure investment.

Web Componentes
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Flexible Dashboards that can be set for a user’s role allow to easily build of views into the system that gather all relevant data that a user needs to be efficient. A dashboard can contain standard Dashlets but also contain Reports in Chart or List Format. It can also contain information from other systems or sources. Dashlets can also be interactive allowing quick data capture etc.

Role Based

One of the main concepts is the role based setup. This allows to assign users to one or multiple roles. Roles define the complete system layout and interactions. This allows to configure the system to adapt to specific need of user groups within the company. Ranging from setup of views, to shortcuts, to dashboards and reports. Accompanied with the authorization system this ensures that SpiceCRM can be used in large and small organizations.

Flexible Views

The web component architecture allows to define flexible views optimizing the information needed for the given role and records viewed. A rules based engine in the backend also allows to show or hide fields based on specific values. Asides a predefined set of standard fields delivered as part of the core it is also easily possible to add custom components or elements.

Easy creation of new Record

Quick Create allows fast creation of new records with shortcuts that are Role specific. It also allows in a single page app to stay on the record and navigate to other records while creating new ones in parallel. Usability as it should be, reducing the number of clicks needed.

Full Text Search

Elastic Search as search engine that powers SpiceCRM allows a highly customizable Full Text Search enabling users to find records across the system at an unparalleled speed. Search results can be configured to match the business needs. At the same time this allows easy and fast access to recently viewed records and the browsing history of the user.


"Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it's how you combine them that sets you apart."

- Wolfgang Puck


The Core of the CRM System providing the Data Modeling, the Interfaces, the Database and the Application Logic


The Application framework provided by Google to drive a web component based architecture. Guaranteeing the latest technology and web standards as well as speed and usability.

Lightning Design

The Styles and layouts based on Lightning Design and implemented in the UI with some small modifications to make it partially even better.