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SugarCRM CE as the proven Backend

The Backend that powers SpiceCRM is SugarCRM in its latest Community Edition Release. Nevertheless, we took the liberty to add some additional capability and are also continuously cleaning up some core elements. Yet the base is proven and up and running n thousands of companies as a core CRM Systems that powers systems serving partially even very different purposes.

It is built on PHP as the core framework supporting the latest PHP releases and all major database systems. It best runs on Linux but also can be of course run on Windows. Various Webservers are supported and open flexibility there. And with PHP being one of the backbones of the internet this is here to stay

In any case we want to highlight that we are not an affiliate or partner of SugarCRM and that SpiceCRM does not leverage any commercial version or products of SugarCRM as a company. This is purely leveraging the Open Source Project of SugarCRM Community Edition that is the base and has been significantly enhanced and is continous further developed as part of the SpiceCRM Project.



SugarCRM is amongst the various Open Source CRM Systems the widest deployed and most proven one. The core functionality is robust. It is also deployed worldwide and there is a wide community using it and understanding it available. It has been on the Market for 10+ years. The benefits and also the shortfalls every product have are well known and understood. This makes it a perfect and reliable Platform to build on.


The Platform is highly scalable. With the underlying technology and the wide support of databases the system can be deployed on a single instance for a small community or scaled up with separated database, search and application servers for large user groups of thousands of users. It can also be deployed in HA Scenarios ensuring it to be run as mission critical Platform.


The old saying is that you do not need a CRM System that fits your current needs but rathe a system that will fit your tomorrows needs. Flexibility with the capability to extend and adapt is key. With the SpiceCRM we even took the concepts SugarCRM did further and are continuously making it easier to customize the systems yet still stay on a secure upgrade safe path.


PHP - what powers the backend

As the backend is powered by SugarCRM the codebase is written in PHP. Nevertheless, we also did not rest here and pulled in the upgrades so the latest Versions of PHP 7.1 (7.2 is in the works) is supported. This ensures performance, stability but also safety and security since staying up to date guarantees the latest safety patches as well. Especially in a world where cyber security and data security is gaining importance this is a must.

PHP is the de facto standard for the backend development. An estimated number of roughly 80% of the worlds websites is running on PHP. Still only about 20% of those are on PHP 7 – so we are ahead of the bunch and build on proven and reliable technology. Given the fact that the Core is also Open Source this also ensures you investment protection and the capability to manage and extend the backend on your own.

Databases - Freedom of Choice

When it comes to databases you also have the choice. SpiceCRM is natively built and developed on MySQL. This also scales up for large deployments and offer the highest flexibility. Given the open source model behind MySQL this also is the typical database of choice. MySQL is supported in its various releases and flavors (including Maria DB). Optional we also support MSSQL and Postgress.

At costs we can also provide an Oracle Connector to run SpiceCRM on Oracle. In case or large deployments (several 1000 users) and large datasets (several tens of millions of records) this might the proper choice or in case that there is significant Oracle specific know how and operational skills in a company available.



SLIM - the REST Framework

On Top of the SugarCRM Backend we utilize SLIM as the REST Framework. SLIM is a fast and lightweight REST handler that can be easily extended adding custom routes and custom REST Methods.

Elastic - Search and Find

Too many CRM systems end up as graveyards for data masses that people enter and hardly ever find again. Elastic Search has become a key component in the stack that offers flexible capabilities to define how SpiceCRM searches for Records. It also allows to search across modules and relate data in a flattened document structure.

Asides pure search, Elastic is also the engine powering the enhanced and new Duplicate Check in SpiceCRM that allows on the fly and fast check for potential duplicates including fuzzy searches and proximity matches.