SpiceCRM welcomes Elasticsearch


With the upcoming release of SpiceCRM we are integrating Elasticsearch as search engine. Elastic there becomes an integrated part of SpiceCRM and allows easy search for records on the global search as well as for the list views.

A cool addition is also the use of “Aggregates” in the search. Aggregates allow you to define specific fields of your search result to be displayed as available values and then just by selecting the value narrow further down the search. That is a capability that can dramatically speed up the way how you find and search records.


Like in the example above for the Opportunities the Aggregates are defined for the Sales Stage, the Lead Source, the industry of the account assigned to the Opportunity. Aggregates can also build ranges as it is managed for the Opportunity Amount in the screenshot above. Or also date ranges like the grouping by Quarter on the close date. With simple clicks the user can easily start filtering the search result and the aggregates are dynamically updated. You can see the search live in action in this short Youtube Video.

The Full Text search is also fully configurable. This allows to literally use any field that is somewhere in relationship with any object to be used for the index and for the search. Like in the example above you can thus easily add the search capability of the Accounts Industry with the accounts or vice versa add sales stages to the account search to easily find accounts with open Opportunities. Check out this video to see how the full text search is configured.