SpiceCRM launched and public available


Several days ago we launched SpiceCRM and opened a public repository at https://github.com/spicecrm/spicecrm on Github with the first release of SpiceCRM. The focus on this first release is:

– a new UI bringing the high rated Google Style theme we thus far sold separately on SugarOutfitters to the core of SpiceCRM for free. This adds a new user experience. Also several changes have been made over the version of the theme as it has been available thus far
– update of major components: looking under the hood of SugarCRM there is quite some outdated code that was part of it. This starts at the Smarty Engine and ends at libraries like jquery. We updated the major components there to ensure that the stack is up to date and enterprise ready.
– PHP7 readiness: SpiceCRM fully supports PHP7 and we also cleaned out any legacy coding that was not PHP7 compliant. This is another step to ensure the compliance with current standards
– REST API: KREST is part of the package adding the new REST API for interfaces of any kind of internal and external application.
– KReporter 4.0 integration: further also KReporter 4.0 in its core edition is an integral part of SpiceCRM and became a core component to it
– Support for SpiceCRM Mobile: the required components for hooking up our mobile client are also part of the package released

the next steps on our development agenda are as follows:
– Workflow: port our existing workflow engine to the latest release and add it to the core since we believe that a core workflow module is a prerequisite for a CRM system
– Deployment Manager: adding a component to manage enterprise ready systems in terms of deployment. This includes the build of packages and the management of package deployment in a complex system environment. This enhancement will also replace the upgrade wizard and module loader currently in place with SugarCRM
– server based exchange integration: replacing the need for an outlook plugin we are adding the capability to integrate server side to exchange servers

There are still more ideas chasing us and more projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned.