SpiceCRM getting ready for its first Release


Profile Photo1We are working hard to get the first packaged version of SpiceCRM ready. Target Date for the first package is May 31st. The main focus areas are as follows:

  • a new but well known theme: we are packaging the Google Style theme that was known from SugarOutfitters into SpiceCRM. As part of this we also did rework it adding some new features and also improving performance on existing ones. New Features e.g. include a drag and drop capability for attachments. Improvements are mainly technologically where we are further trying to enhance performance and reduce load times (e.g. for menus and other areas)
  • PHP7 ready: the complete Sugar .5.22 based Source Code has been refactored to support PHP7. The main part is cleanup of no standard written code that was not Sugar7 compliant. The second big step to accomplish this is the upgrade of the smarty engine to the latest version.
  • a new REST API: KREST is packaged into the product as standard asset. While we use this first of all internally this is also an enhancement to be used from external systems. Sugar 6.5 had a REST like API that was not really RESTful. That we changed and added a real RESTful API based on the SLIM framework. This REST API is lightweight, performant, extendible and compliant with standards
  • Reporting in its core: KReporter 4.0 is added as a core component and preloaded. Since we believe that a real CRM solution also needs a powerful reporting capability
  • technical cleanups: asides the PHP7 based upgrades of Smarty we also upgraded several other embedded libraries like jQuery and others to the latest standards. As we state we believe in enterprise readiness and see compliance and being up to the latest standards as a required task for the security and standards compliance.