SpiceCRM 2019.05.001 Release Update

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We just released SpiceCRM 2019.05.001 as a the May Release.

This is a minor release with some smaller changes. Nevertheless, worth mentioning is for sure the added feature of the online duplicate check. The duplicate check is a key feature for the data quality in a CRM system. With the changes last year in SpiceCRM we already move this to the FTS so elastic support this and we added a load of flexibility. From a flow the Duplicate check was carried out before a record was saved. While this is of course OK this had the potential to add frustration for the user as you only see potential duplicates once the data had been completely entered. This is changed now, and the duplicate check runs as the data in entered field by field. The performance elastic search offers here allows us to that and thus significantly increase the user experience with this.

You can find the full release notes here. https://www.spicecrm.io/release-notes-2019-05-001/