SpiceCRM 2019.02.001 has been released

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While the Carneval Season finds its end we have just released version 2019.02.001 of SpiceCRM.


Highlights of the January Release are updates on the search features, a new filter builder adding flexibility and reworks in many areas to start supporting full responsive design and the build of our mobile App.

Who does not know the process when adding data of switching to google, looking up a companies details and then via copy & paste add the data to CRM. Rest assured that time is over now. With the latest changes we are tightly integrating the Google places search into SpiceCRM directly. Identify a field as a Google Places search field. As You type SpiceCRM will do a google search, present you the results and when selecting the record populate data found on google like the phone number, website or address to the record. This makes entering new data just much easier.



Further updates are on the generic file attachments. As you are most likely aware SpiceCRM offers the functionality to simply attach files to a record. We further enhanced that switching internally to a truly HTML5 way of handling uploads. This also allows no the parallel upload of multiple files. Just select multiple files in the upload dialog or simply drag more than one file to the files panel. They will upload in parallel. Furthermore, we added a file preview. This will preview Images, PDFs, audio and video files. Other files will be downloaded and can then be viewed with the proper application on the local Computer or Tablet.



Detailed Release note can be found here.