Speed Matters


With the development of our new UI we have a couple of core principles we are adhering to. Amongst others the top3 are:

  • Speed and fast response times: making this CRM from a technological perspective as fast and as responsive as possible
  • A clear and modern design which we base on lightning design using the in our opinion currently best in the industry
  • Ease of use: making the system easy to use , reducing unnecessary clicks and steps wherever possible

Let focus on the first part – SPEED

Already last year we developed a complete new and flexible REST API that is the base for our tools. We utilized it with products like our Reporter but also our mobile client or others. We built a mobile app using angular. Of course, you can have a discussion on the use of frameworks until end of days but we did our decision betting on Angular powered by Google. Angular as framework also powers several of Googles sites like their cloud platform or adwords and others.

End of last year finally Angular2 was released. A lot of things changed but in our opinion to the better. Making this even more the framework of choice.

Our new UI is built on Angular2 and our REST API and the combination really delivers. See for yourself in this video and experience the speed and response times this systems generates. This is almost instant response to a user’s click.

Speed matters and is critical for CRM adoption. We believe SpiceCRM delivers to that need.