"Anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

John C. Maxwell

The SpiceCRM Roadmap

In Q4 2018 we published our first general release of SpiceCRM. During the course of 2019 we then also published 9 releases. Looking into 2020 and beyond we will release a major release every quarter. There might be minor releases with bugfixes and smaller enhancements also in between but there is no firmed Schedule. The Release Schedule for the 4 Major Releases including the planned focus areas and deliverables is as follows.

Release 2020.03.001


Target Release Date - 31st March 2020

  • 100 % Port of Kreporter: The view and export components etc. have been ported already during the last 18 months. Still missing is the final port of the design component that will enable users to then also create reports in the new UI and dismiss the need to log on to the legacy UI
  • Updates on Listviews and Listview Plugins: this will clean up one of the first components we did develop in SpiceCRM for the Listview. This will give standard lists more flexibility but also add features like Drag&Drop to the Kanban Board. We will also add further view types like a list with preview etc. In parallel this will also add intelligence to the backend services so the system will no longer depend that heavily on elasticsearch but decide on its own what the best search option is
  • Update on the Exchange Integration via EWS as well as the Outlook addIn. Same for Gmail and GSuite. Also there we will harmonize the addins and the customization options. For GSuite the option to login via google or configure a service account will be added.
  • SCRUM/Agile components: new features and scenarios for agile project management will be added allowing the definition of Themes, Epics and User Stories directly in the CRM System. This will also be the base for the documentation we do on SpiceCRM itself and will link with the structure for the Documentation and the knowledgebase.
  • Replace the legacy ACL System with the new SpiceCRM ACL System: complete the rollout and replacement of the new ACL System replacing the old SugarCRM System. Territorry management will be offered optional as commercial extension. The SpiceCRM ACL System is a significant more powerful ACL engine that integrates natively into the current Application stack.
  • Support for native EWS Mail Integration as well as service based GSuite Integration for mailboxes allowing users to receive and send emails directly via an Exchange server or via the GSuite Servers
  • Cleanup of the REST Interfaces: proper structuring of the grown REST Interface extensions structure
  • Navigation Update: adding “in app tabbed browsing” allowing to open multiple records in separated tabs within the application bridging the “one-page application” gap
  • SalesDocument Flow: Add configuration for Sales Documents to allow also types Contract and also add the document flow so that one document can be converted to another one (Quote->Order->Invoice)

Release 2020.06.001


Target Release Date - 30st June 2020

  • Metadata Manager: over the last years we took significant steps to separate core, custom & configuration moving also the configuration to the database. This not only allows for cleaner operations and deployment – it also enables our strategy to build a multitenancy platform. While we completed this for the complete View Definitions and also the Language, the final part is to move the metadata and dictionary.
  • New Installer on the new UI: understanding that the current installation process is tedious (yet it has not been the focus for the team since the clear focus was to look after user stories and the end user) the installation process will be changed moving from the backend to the frontend. This should also allow to make the installation process more guided and transparent replacing the legacy tool still in place. Harden also the elastic integration and initialization process
  • Demo Data Generator: target is to build a demo data generator that is closer tied to the functional structure of SpiceCRM and more flexible in terms of generated volumes, geography and scenarios.
  • Update on authentication Controllers: rewrite the current authentication controllers. This is mainly a cleanup and also restructuring of LDAP, Login with Google controllers that exist also adding potential new authentication providers.
  • New Features for Kreporter: new views, deeper integration into the system and into the dashboards.
  • io integration with an optional NodeJS server: support for real time socket driven scenarios for Telephony, Emails, Calendar etc. Build a solid base for the communication layer between backend and frontend
  • Customer Feedback Portal: add a portal to allow users as landing page for the Customer feedback requests for those customers that do not want to do this on their own in their infrastructure but leverage a bundled approach
  • Enhance Sales Documents adding an option for a billing schedule on a line item with split billing items with dates and amounts, also enabling recurring revenues to be used and build an an invoicing flow

Release 2020.09.001


Target Release Date - 30st September 2020

  • Cleanup Workbench: Goal is to structure the workbench along the modules. Also then tying all the config options on a module level together with additional flexibility to build new modules on the platform truly coding free.
  • Deployment Tools: port the legacy deployment tools to the new UI and support a structured and ITIL compliant deployment and operations mode. This should allow automated recording of changes, deployment along deployment routes in a complex system landscape. A package manager to also allow adding external packages. GitHub Integration for repository management and building. Rollback functionality in the deployment process
  • Step 1 towards Multi Tenancy: adda separate authentication provider for the cloud Platform
  • Graphical Workflow editor: add a graphical Workflow editor to the Workflow Engine based on https://bpmn.io/ with a clear structure modeling interface
  • Renewal Cockpit and Processes on Sales Documents: adding renewal timelines to contracts and build a renewal cockpit that will monitor expiring contracts
  • Default Asterisk Integration: adding the asterisk integration option to allow easy link between SpiceCRM and Asterisk (at least 16) based system. The base will also serve as the template for other VOIP Integrations
  • Update HTML Template editor adding unlayer HTML Editor (https://unlayer.com/) to the options for editing email templates for email campaigns

Release 2020.12.001


Target Release Date - 31st December 2020

  • Support Portal: complete the Support functionality adding a customer support portal. Enabling Self Service Scenarios in the Service features for customers
  • Step 2 towards Multi Tenancy: complete the multitenancy support (tentatively in a separate edition)
  • Backend Cleanout: remove all MVC and no longer required code and components from the SugarCRM Backend slimming that out also with the goal to increase performance.
  • Travel Expense Management: add support to collect and record Travel expenses, link them to a project, produce Expense Reports, get them approved and also bill them to a customer via the invoicing.