SpiceCRM 2020.01.002

Beginning of the year we did post our Roadmap and release plan. In accordnace with this we just did release the spring Release (2020.01.001) of SpiceCRM delivering the majority of the planned features. However some of the features we felt had not been fully tested so we held them back and now releasing SpiceCRM 2020.01.002

Amongst a set of technical enhancements this release brings to major enhancements to SpiceCRM. 


Tabbed Navigation

Wehen we started the development of SpiceCRM we always had the single page concept in mind. This is state of the art in the current web application technology. However for business applications the disadvantag is at hand with the lack to manage multiple records at the same time. In some areas and a lot of usecases in CRM this might not be a problem but for the more versed user we very often heard the request to open multiple tabs, yet stay organized. 

With this release we are introducing the capability fort the user to manage navigation paradigms and switch between three modes of navigation. 

  • simple: the classical one-page app view. Fast easy and focused on the current record
  • tabbed: opening new record in a new tab. For those that handle multiple records are the same time
  • tabbed with sub-tabs: enabling to open records in tabs and further related records in sub-tabs of the tab. Sounds complicated? Give it a try and you might even love it



This allows users to open multipls records at a time, organized in logical tabs and navigate easily from one to another record, also editing multiple records at a time. 


Google Maps Integration

One still missing part with the port of our Reporter to the SpiceCRM UI was the Google Maps Integration in the Reporting tool as a data visualization plugin. Adding that we also added a set of new featuires to bring Maps and Geodata deeper into the application itself further completing the features with the google Integration we already had. 

  • integrated Google Search, autocomplete and geocode when creating records
  • integrated Address Search and Completion
  • geo based search of Records and easy visualization on a map
  • one click navigation info supporting easy routing helping you to plan visits
  • proximity search enabling you to find other accounts next to the customer you are just viewing.


This certaionly further support the usability from SpiceCRM and increaes productivity and efficiency using SpiceCRM. 

Technology Updates

Furthermore we updated some püarts of the technology stack we are using to stay on top of the latest innovations and security considerations

  • updated to Angular 9.1.2
  • updated to Support Elastic Search 7.*
  • updated to support Highcharts 8
  • updated to Lightning Design 2.11.7

The Release in Details

1000028: Tabbed Features in line with Salesforce
Add functionality that opens on a click in new tab within the one-page app rather than always going back and forth. Similar to the implementation done by salesforce.
1000397: Angular 9.1.1 update
Update to angular 9.1.1
1000394: Added footer height
Added a footer height to the internal services allowing fixed footers to be displayed on the screen.
1000227: Update FTS Field handling
Change to FTS Manager Dialog
1000395: Responsive action menus
Changed buttons in small screen view for responsive design to render as button icon group.
1000405: Formatting of HTML code in Rich Text Editor
Added a new formatting option to the HTML source code in the rich text editor that allows proper formatting and indenting of the HTML code in the dual view making the HTML code more readable and easier to manage.
1000386: Elastic 7.* support
Support for Elastic 7.*
1000100: Service Enhancements
Added service functions
1000398: Lightning Design 2.11.7 update
Update to lightning design 2.11.7
1000385: FTS enable to aggregate on empty values
Enable to add aggregates on empty values. With the option also an aggregate for documents that have no value is built counting the number with empty values. The aggregate can also be set to filter the list.
1000388: Relate Field Filter
Added a new option to the related field and the ObjectActionSelectButton so relate filter can be applied. This allows to e.g. filter contacts in one relate field based on the value of e.g. accounts in another relate field. The relationship between the two fields can be set as optional or mandatory.
1000384: Collapsible FTS Aggregate Panels
Aggregates in the FTS can also be set as collapsed. If done so the aggregate will be rendered collapsed. The user can expand and set on demand. This optimized the screen layout if there are multiple aggregates and reduces the number of aggregates rendered on the screen.
1000339: Added new participants panel in calls & meetings
Added new panel for participants in calls and meetings including the participation status. Invited users can also set their attendance status.
1000383: System-label components
Added three components for , and to be used in templates and to optimize the change detection in Angular.
1000406: New view for Media Files
Added a new view for Media Files allowing a proper preview with thumbnails as part of the list view and also in the media file picker.
1000404: Output Templates Preview
Added a new component top the output templates enabling the user to easier change and manage the template and also to get a preview of the template for a bean the user can select and then render dynamically without saving the template.
1000304: Load full data on recent items
Added loading of full data for recent items so the custom field sets can be displayed in the recently view list.
1000377: Files Panel Header with Count
1000379: Refactor system-label component
Refactor the use of {{language.getLabel...}} in a template to use component ... should reduce change detection cycles and improve performance.
1000330: Update Admin Screen
Update layout for admin screen
1000314: Remove Renderer for Angular9 compatibility
Remove Renderer for Angular9 compatibility
1000403: Angular 9.1.2 update
Update to angular 9.1.2 also including angular cdk 9.2.1
1000378: Google Maps for List and Record View

New Generic Google Maps Component has been built.

Google maps view for list view to display the search results as pin markers on google maps with the possiblity to search the same was as in spice list view.

We have also added a record view tab to make it possible to search around the record with google map circle tool and get the direction infos from a cetrain address to the record location.

1000396: Full screen modals in small form factors
Changed modals to adopt full screen view in modals and small form factors according to responsive design
1000387: Highcharts 8 upgrade
Updates the embedded highcharts libraries to highcharts 8.0.4