SpiceCRM 2020.01.001

Beginning of the year we did post our Roadmap and release plan. In accordnace with this we just did finalize and release the spring Release (2020.01.001) of SpiceCRM delivering the majority of the planned features. 

With the new Release we made major changes to the various forms of the List VIew. The standard list now allows free resizing, more flexible handling of Filters, Multiple Column sorting, Geo Search and much more. Also the Kanban Board did get a major rework allowing easy drag and drop, hidden Buckets (for e.g. closed Opportunities as in teh Screenshot below). New Types of Vies (e.g. Maps based) did not yet make it into thsi releae but will follow soon in a release targeted for end of April. 


Another big effort has been completed in its first phase which is the port of our well known reporting engine from the backend UI on to the new Frontend. This now allows easy creation of reports in an intuitive UI for the end user with all the capabilities we built over the last years into our reporting Engine. It also marks a further milestone in the port of the complete legacy sugar based backend to our new UI.

We already did publish a short youtube Video on the fast and easy way to generate reports and analyse all the data that resides in your CRM system. The video can be found on Youtube following this link.


There is of course a lot of further things that happend. We added new Features supporting agile project management following the SCRUM Methodology, took further steps to complete the quote to order to invoice process, further enhanced the service processes and much more.

find below the complete Release Notes. 

The Release in Details

1000328: Reports Designer
New user friendly platform to design Reports, it is easy and simple to use with drag and drop to select and filter on the desired reporting fields. It is also possible to add and manage data from multiple sources with the union modules feature. As soon as the reporting fields and filters are defined, you could also move to the presentation tab to choose and configure the presentation view for the report. The same for the visualization view. The Integration tab would be your last place to activate, deactivate and configure the possible Plug-ins like exporting report data and so on.
1000354: FTS sort aggregate bucket values by _key
Currently aggregate bucket values are sorted by _count desc. Now it is possible to define sorting by _key in FTS settings.
1000382: Sort Hook for get_linked_beans
sort_array parameter for retrieving linked beans is limited to fields present in corresponding database table.
Sometimes list shall be sorted by a non-db field. This is now possible with new method Link2::processSortHook() .
sort_array parameter now accepts additional key 'sorthook' containing an array with sortfield and optionally sortdirection.
1000375: Bug Fix: Duplicate Output Template
Output Templates module has the field "module_name" in its vardefs definition, which defines the module where the Output Template can be used.
This field is an already existing variable in sugar bean which is used to tell which bean should be cloned, but when the field "module_name" is set in OutputTemplate, it overrides the variable in sugar bean, which leads to a cloning failure.

In sugar bean, The variable "module_dir" is used instead of "module_name".
this fix should not have any side effects, as long as all extended beans has the variable "module_dir" set.
1000366: SalesDocs refactoring
Removing unnecessary field definitions, adding n-2-n relations.
1000365: Move ProjectActivityDashlet Component to modellist.service standard
Upgrade of component ProjectActivityDashlet
1000359: New front-end module for SpiceAttachments
Added a new module for the SpiceAttachments in the front-end.
1000333: Improved release process
Create a release workflow for deployment.
Additional variables in back-end for ChangeRequests and Release modules are needed. Additional UI configs to be retrieved with "deployment" package.
1000358: New field to manage files from a bean
New field for uploaded files
- should look like "parent" field
- it should be possible to upload and remove files from a bean
1000343: FTS enrich bean data for indexing
Use custom method set in indexproperties to enrich values in index for a non-db field
1000268: Actionsetmanager
An interface is to be developed that enables the management of actionsets.
- It should be possible to create new actionsets
- Existing actionsets should be able to be copied
- The configuration of the items should be dynamically visible and editable
- The view should be based on the familiar Fieldset Manager
1000351: SCRUM/Agile components
Enables the users to organize their projects according to the agile project management paradigm by defining Themes, Epics and User Stories in the CRM system.
1000353: Fix Trashcan recovery
Associated relations were not recovored even if recover parameter was set.
1000350: Update on status network buttons
Added option for silent edit mode on model, this is also set from the status network button to avoid the "flickering" of the save buttons.
1000362: ServiceOrders: handle duration for Calendar
Handling duration is missing in ServiceOrder class.
1000355: Added auto resize to textfields
Added auto resize feature to text fields. The text box will auto adjust its size to the max size or default 300px when text is entered.
1000367: Package salesdocuments
Improve package definition for salesdocuemnts; introduced B2C; additional templates.
1000371: Fix Condition value for enums in OutputTemplate
Parse real value of enum when used in a condition and not the translated value.
1000352: Cloning of beans together with related beans
If a bean is cloned, the related beans can also be cloned automatically. This saves a lot of manual work. Or it makes cloning possible at all.
1000331: SpiceBeanGuide for release process
Create a guide for release process. Retrieve configuration changes using package loader (package "deployment").
1000336: Releases: create parent relation
Make releases linkable to Accounts and Projects.
1000361: E-mail Reply Modal
Button which opens modal with e-mail reply logic.
1000360: OutputTemplates: integration of module filters
Enable the use of module filters in Output Templates and use additional parameters like limit or sort_array.
1000316: New Module QuestionnaireParticipations
The new module QuestionnaireParticipations allows better access to participations than QuestionSetParticipation does.
1000305: Redesign Activities Stream
Update Activity Stream items. Moving components from object components to activities and cleanup of deprecated components.
1000348: Angular Update
1000357: KREST add related bean with additional values
When participants are set in an activity directly in editview , relationship fields like accept_status is overwritten after saving the activity. If a value was set before editing, it is lost after save. Enriching values for relationship fields during link handling will prevent data loss.
1000338: Blacklist for packages to protect configuration
Disable loading of packages by setting package name in new array variable $sugar_config['packageloader']['blacklist']
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