SpiceCRM 2019.09.001

Highlights of the Fall Release are updates on the Reporting Module. We ported the views for the Pivoit Table, the grouped and grouped with summary view and also the Treeview to the SpiceUI. This is an ongoing effort where we are bringing the best in class reporting functionality to the lightning experience with SpiceCRM.   As we believe that integrated analytics is a key necessity this is an important step on our roadmap. 


We continued to develop additional functionality for Marketing adding a basic event management. This allows planning and tracking of events. Add partzners that play specific roles int eh event. Track invitations and registration. Add a self service registration to your website.

Alsop the good old "close&new" button in activities made it back to the new UI. For some time we did think there would be a life without it. We accept we have been wrong. So back it is. Allowing an easy way to close one activity and add a new one. But it would not be SpiceCRM if we did not make it better. So we added flexibility to customize it and to also let the user choose which activity to add next. Allowing an easy closing of for example a call and scheduling a meeting.

Asides that there are further features worth mentioning like an easy way to change the users timezone, enhancements in the Calendar and also with the fts engine. We also added a bulk indexer that will allow fast indexing with the elastic search. And many more …

The Release in Details

feature scope description
Ability for admins to view/change foreign user preferences core
  • Ability for admins to view/change foreign user preferences
Actionset menus refactored core
  • Object list header action menu and object action menu should extend the object action container
Adapting Date Time Fields core
  • Date time fields constantly adapt to the current time zone setting of the user.
Add Componentset to spicebeanguidestages core
  • Added a componentset as configuration option to the spicebeanguides. This allows to render a componentset instead of the descirption in the beanguide with the path. e.g. fields relevant for the sales stage can be rendered there or other components that might deliver valuable information
Add sort parameters to the dashlet generic component core
  • Add sort parameters to the dashlet generic component
Added adminonly flag to tabcontainer item components core
  • Added a config option "adminonly" to the tab container items (regular and vertical). If you set the tab it will only be rendered if the user is an admin user. Mainly used for the user tabs to only show some tabs to the admin but not to the regular user.
Added new Reporter Views core
  • Added Reporter Views for Summary, Grouped, Tree and Pivot View
All Character Analyzers in FTS core
  • Added two new analyzers spice_standard_all and spice_ngram_all that can be set and will include all chacraters (including, whitespace, punctuation and symbols) in the tokens and the search. This makes sense for e.g. name fields where a company name or a release name or version name includes those characters and they should not be stripped when tokenizing and searching using elastic search.
Ask for important user preferences at startup core
  • Ask for important user preferences at startup
Auto correct the sort query for the many to many relation table core
  • When we pass a none-db sort field for a module which is a mapped field in the many to many table, the sort query will be auto adjusted.
Avoid duplicate user names core
  • Avoid duplicate user names
Backend only for admins core
  • Backend only for admins
Better determination of user roles (for app launcher dialog) core
  • Better determination of user roles (for app launcher dialog)
Better role assignment core
  • With an icon custom roles now are recognizable as custom roles. The same name for a global and for a custom role is no longer a problem. Furthermore: Alphabetically ordered list.
Bug fix : retrieve with sort failed in one to many bean relationship core
  • Bug fix : retrieve with sort failed in one to many bean relationship
Button "Save HTML content" in "Rich Text Editor " Toolbar more
  • Save button in the Toolbar of "Rich Text Editor" Component, which pass the content to "Field Rich Text" component to handle the save process.
Close activity button core
  • Button for activities (only unclosed and editable)
  • Opens modal with componentset (enter closing data)
  • Create new bean with copyrules (new add-modal for selected module)
CloseModal and ActionMenu merge core
  • Implementing the closemodal with the new actionsetmenu
Colorenum color in read-mode core
  • No color in read-mode by the fieldcolorenum field
CloseModal and ActionMenu merge core
  • CloseModal and ActionMenu merge
default-sort ObjectList core
  • ObjectList with default sort info (moduleconf)
Dashboardsets more
  • Define a set of Dashboards to be displayed in sub tabs in home.
Event Management core
  • This Module will be responsible for the Event Management. An event will be defined with some basic infos like it's url or it's capacities and so on. It will also have a relation to some other modules like accounts and contacts as partizipants or organizers and so on. It will also be possible to have some assigned activites.
Field Grouped Enum core
  • A Field which displays checkboxes grouped under specific categories
Field Multiple Enum Dropdown core
  • The field multienumdropdown renders an enum field as a dropdown multiple select list using the SystemMultipleSelect component.
French language package core
  • French language package
FTS Manager: add button index bulk core
  • Trigger bulk indexing manually
Improved Scheduler Job Log core
  • Improved Scheduler Job Log
Incorrect checkbox value interpretation core
  • The checkbox values in the Administration Configurator components were being interpreted incorrectly. The values stored in the DB as both 0 and 1 were interpreted as true (checkbox checked). The only value interpreted as false was NULL. The correct interpretation was already implemented before. However, the value was converted only for "boolean" types whereas the field type used was "bool". This was corrected in the bug fix
KnowledgeBase - Button Release All more
  • "Button Release All" set the status to "Release" to the selected document and all its sub documents
KReporter: update where operators core
  • Enable where operator for int when vardef type is bigint
Lightning Design update to 2.10.0 core
  • Lightning Design update to 2.10.0
Load date time user preferences on user login core
  • Load default values when preference is not set
Output Templates II core
  • The document (result of a output template) is now saveable in the crm system.
Reload button for the sub panel header core
  • Sub panel: When no item is shown/available the footer - including the reload button - is hidden. Now also the header has an include button.
SalesDocs additional fields: incoterms, payer, invoice recipient core
  • SalesDocs additional fields: incoterms, payer, invoice recipient
Scheduler field: Last SUCCESSFUL run core
  • Scheduler field: Last SUCCESSFUL run
Scheduler: Test function (dummy) core
  • Scheduler: Test function (dummy)
Select Custom Actionset in config option core
  • It should be possible to select custom actionsets in the workbenchconfigoptionactionset!
System Multiple Enum Dropdown core
  • A Field which renders a list of items grouped under specific categories in a dropdown with multiple selection functionality.
System Statistics core
  • Added a component in teh admin section to gether storage statistics on the database, elastic and the file system for uploads for the system.
Timezone Field for the Global User Panel core
  • Timezone Field for the Global User Panel
Update Global Module Menus core
  • Changed the handling of the module Menus of the global navigation items so menu now considered an action set and allows adding custom actions
Url rewrite for IIS: web.config files for config and proxy core
  • Url rewrite for IIS: web.config files for config and proxy
UTC Offset added to UI Date Field Values core
  • UTC Offset has been added to the UI Date FIeld Values to display the right date for the current UI TimeZone
Week Number for the System Date Picker core
  • Added a Week Number in the System Date Picker
Where Clause on relationship_role_column not implemented core
  • Fixed M2MRelationship::getRoleFilterForJoin() and make use of it