SpiceCRM 2019.07.001

Highlights of the July Release are updates on the Opportunity Management. With the new Option for Revenue Lines the revenue of an opportunity can easily be split into chunks for the revenue recognition. This supports better planning and forecasting. Typically deals that are closed are not invoiced immediately but are also built on a billing plan. That can either be a split or with recurring revenues a ramp up to the total amount. Revenue lines allow you to easily maintain that and add the lines to an opportunity building a more realistic picture of the opportunity in the system. 


We also started to rework the template compiler used for the PDF and EMAIL Templates. First changes are rolling in and more changes ont e templates are to come with the next releases. We will add more info when those changes are completed. 

We also added an optional support to the integration of Dun&Bradstreet in the Accounts module, added further functions to the Service Functionality with the Service Locations and added features with an NPS question type for the service feedbacks. 

Technologically we completed the changes to support PHP 7.3 and also upgraded internally to Angular 8.0.1. 

The Release in Details

feature scope description
Actionsetitem singlebutton core
  • Add flag to show the button outside the drop down box
Angular 8.0.1 update core
  • Update to Angular 8.0.1, also update to Angular CDK 8.0.
Bonus Programs more
  • Bonus Modules (BonusCards, BonusPrograms) Management
Changes to lead conversion core
  • Improvements of lead conversion done by eVolpe
DUNS module more
  • New module to interact with dnb API and retrieve DUNS data
FTS Bulk Indexer core
  • Added a bulk indexer and a separate job to the bulk indexer.The bulk indexer is thought as a tool to load initially into the fts. It does not check changed related records in fts. And it uses the bulk interface of elasticsearch.It still uses the full data mapping for fts and tus indexes beans properly. However,due to the bulk nature does this significanlty faster.
Missing language code in translation when no default language is set core
  • Labels manager sets value of default language for first translation. Catch when empty and set first language found in languages list.
New Module ServiceLocations more
  • Define locations and assign location to a piece of equipment.
ObjectRepositories deprecated flag core
  • Add a deprecated flag to the "ObjectRepositories" Score out the depracated objects Popup when somebody try to add a deprecated object
Opportunity Revenue Lines core
  • Adding an option to add revenue lines to Opportunites with different amounts and dates for the revenue recognition
OutputTemplate Compiler: render date time fields to user preference setting core
  • OutputTemplate Compiler: render date time fields to user preference setting
PHP 7.3 support more
  • PHP 7.3 support
Polish Language Files for Backend more
  • Polish Language Files for Backend
Questionnaires: New question type "NPS core
  • New question type "Net Promoter Score" (NPS).
Reload configuration button core
  • The button is located in the header and reloads the configuration,only displayed for admins.
ServiceFeedbacks: Results Tab for Questionnaire Participations core
  • ServiceFeedbacks: Results Tab for Questionnaire Participations
SpiceBeanGuides to packages core
  • Spice Bean Guides Definitions are now available in corresponding package (opportunity management, lead management...)
Update template compiler core
  • New template tags were added to handle loop through list of records and to display the values conditionally. Also function call integration to retrieve data.
Login impossible with a user name containing utf8 core
  • Login impossible with a user name containing utf8