SpiceCRM 2019.05.001

Highlights of the May Release are updates on the duplicate check that now happens online when creating records. This enables user to easily see while entering data and as they enter data to instantly get a response from the system if a duplicate record is found.


Further changes are smaller changes to enhance the User Experience and also some technological enhancements to further imporve performance, stability and maintainability of the UI.

The Release in Details

feature scope description
Backend installation with provided database user not possible core
  • Form gets stuck telling that password does not match re-entered password.
Date_entered id was deleted from fts indexer core
  • When you create a bean over a relationship -date_entered id was deleted from fts indexer.
Memorize search terms and Results in ListView core
  • Keep the searchterm. Selected aggregates and results in the listview when navigating away from a list and back
Progress Bar core
  • A new system component displaying a universal progress bar
Get progress report from POST requests (uploads) core
  • POST requests now can report their progress status, for displaying progress Bars
KReporter: vulnerability fixes core
  • Add a check on values for start, limit and filter parameters and clean misleaded values.
FTS ListView does not render for contacts core
  • Fix: set sort flag for last_name since full_name sorts on last_name and is the first field in listview
Block navigating away if a model is editing core
  • Added a check if any model on a page is currently in edit mode and if so prompt the user to check if the changes shoud be dscarded
Placeholder for login form core
  • The username and passwort fields of the login Form are better titled now.
HelpText icon component core
  • A new component, which shows an icon next to the label. On hover a text is shown.
Cachebreaker core
  • Added a version parameter for loaded jsfiles and included it in the build process. This should eliminate the need to refresh the browser cache after version updates.
Product Group Manager more
  • The Product Group Manager is a new platform to manage the product groups in a hierarchical list. Which makes it easier to manage groups and their related attributes and products.
Outlook AddIn more
  • An Add-In loaded directly in Outlook that can save the Emails in SpiceCRM and add related Beans to those Emails
On the fly Duplicate Check core
  • Capture and show duplicates when adding a new record.
Update Field labels in Views core
  • Label redering is now included in field rendering