SpiceCRM 2019.02.001

Highlights of the January Release are updates on the search features, a new filter builder adding flexibility and reworks in many areas to start supporting full responsive design and the build of our mobile App.

Who does not know the process when adding data of switching to google, looking up a companies details and then via copy & paste add the data to CRM. Rest assured that time is over now. With the latest changes we are tightly integrating the Google places search into SpiceCRM directly. Identify a field as a Google Places search field. As You type SpiceCRM will do a google search, present you the results and when selecting the record populate data found on google like the phone number, website or address to the record. This makes entering new data just much easier.

You can also watch a short youtube video on this feature here.


Further updates are on the generic file attachments. As you are most likely aware SpiceCRM offers the functionality to simply attach files to a record. We further enhanced that switching internally to a truly HTML5 way of handling uploads. This also allows no the parallel upload of multiple files. Just select multiple files in the upload dialog or simply drag more than one file to the files panel. They will upload in parallel. Furthermore, we added a file preview. This will preview Images, PDFs, audio and video files. Other files will be downloaded and can then be viewed with the proper application on the local Computer or Tablet.


We are steaming along with our changes and the completion of the work to release the SpiceCRM mobile App. This is well on its way and the current release has further changes embedded already. See the following short video we compiled on the upcoming mobile release.

The Release in Details

feature scope description
ModelpopoverHeader configuration core
  • added the option to add a componentset as config option to the modelpopover header. That allows to customize the popover with a custom header component. This is e.g. used for the users popover to have a separate component that also renders the image of the user
added option to lazy load Stylesheets core
  • added the option to also load css files as libs that can be lazy loaded. Just add style sheets with file '.css' to the sysuilibs (or syscustomuilibs) table and load them via the metadata service.
SpiceMobile core
  • added Mobile configuration for SpiceCRM Mobile app.
Multiple Sources for package loader core
  • Supporting multiple package repositories for the package loader a new table has been added in the backend. Table sysuipackagerepositories can hold more than one repository.
  • If none is maintained the package loader will by default pull packages from the default repository. If you maintain separate (e.g. customer) repositories with separate configuration those repositories can be added here. The package loader will consider them and then load packages from this source.
Application wide logger core
  • It should be possible to have a different message for logging (sugarcrm.log) than the error message (brought to the user). New method: setMessageToLog()
Changed EmailAddress field to support responsive design core
  • changed the email addresses field so it will render nicely on mobile phones
CronJob for sysftslogs table: delete entries older than configured time frame core
  • new sugar_config variable delete_logs_older_than = "1 week" time frame value is INTERVAL syntax. Default is 1 week when config is not set"
KREST Log Viewer more
  • added a new admin component that view the KREST log entrioes. This is usefuly for debugginbg and tracing if the REST logger is enabled on the backend and allows an easy viewing and seaarching of these entries
Overflow in activity add Container core
  • in the activity add container the menuitems have been changed so on smaller screens with more activitiy types enabled an overflow item is rendered
added user notification on elastic error core
  • now and then a user might encounter an elastic overload error. In case the backend elastic engine throws an error, that error is also communicated to the user indicating that this is not a problem with no search results found but a technical issue occurred prompting the user to repeat the search
Set config_override value on language load core
  • Set $sugar_config['syslanguages']['spiceuisource'] to 'db' in config_override.php after successful retrieve of languages
  • thus far after installing the lagnaueg source for the UI had to be set manually. This is now done whenever a language pack is downloaded
store login credentials core
  • Changes to the login form so now the username and password shoudl be properly recognized by the browsers and allow the user to save the credentials when logging on
Rate limiter for REST calls core
  • in scenarios where extertnal systems use the REST API extensively the REST load fromt he external system might have a negatvie impact on the overall performance if there are too many REST calls at the same time
  • a new option has been added to configure a rate limit that defines a given number of REST calls per timeunit (of a given method) as limit. If that limit is occured not further REST calls are accepted from that user and source until the rate is cleared again.
Optimize vardef translation into column type on repair/rebuild core
  • "To ensure multiple database types support vardefs will sometimes be defined with a basic dbType and a specific length to match another column Type. Example dbType='text' and a len=4294967295. This definition creates a longtext column in mysql. Column will be created properly in database but repair/rebuild will not recognize that vardef match with column type This function matches definition with table column type for specific column types"
User Image upload core
  • add capability for users to upload a user image.
  • Also add a generic component to load an image and crop it.
angular 7.2.6 update core
  • updated Angular to 7.2.6
Manage Schedulers in UI core New Workbench option to manage Schedulers with the following Features
  • List View
  • Custom Detail View with Scheduler Logs.
  • Default Actions with Run now button.
updated file upload and Preview core
  • updated of the file attachments so multiple files can be uploaded at once.
  • Stopped the event in case a file is dropped outside a drop area.
  • File Preview has been added.
  • Upload has been changed to pure HTML5 FileReader.
Metadata Service New Methods core Methods added to metadata service:
  • updateModuleListType
  • getModuleFilters
  • getModuleFilter
  • setModuleFilter
  • removeModuleFilter
Google Places Search Field core Methods added to metadata service:
  • added a new field for google places serach that can complete name, address, phone number etc from the google places API.
  • To be used as name field in e.g. accounts or other objects where google places are relevant.
ACLController compatibility with SpiceACLController core
  • Refactor static methods to non -static in ACLController class; Create ACLControllerInterface
set autofocus in app launcher core
  • when the app launcher is opened these search field is automatically focused.