SpiceCRM 2018.11.001

Highlight s of the November Release is a major update of the integrated Calendar. This adds a timeline view, adds the feature to show other resources calendars. It pushes the integration of the Google Calendar. So, if you allow the login with Google you can also display your planned events in the google calendar that are not in CRM as part of the calendar view making planning your professional day easier.


We also updated to the Winter Release of Lightning Design, redesigned the activity stream. It comes in a newer and cleaner design in line with the lightning design guidelines. We also added more filter options and even more flexibility for the admin to configure and enhance the stream.

Also in its first version we are releasing the package manager. This will become a central part of SpiceCRM managing the extendibility and flexibility to load packages (configuration, templates languages) and also easily uninstall them again. More on that will come with the next releases as we are continuously working to enhance the easy of system management and configuration.


Technologically we also pushed to Angular 7 – which you should not notice but it is important to be compliant and in line with the latest standards when it comes to operability and it security.

The Release in Details

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feature scope description
Adapt code for KREST as standalone package core
  • Separation and cleanup of the latest KREST package to allow Standalone Installation for those useres using Tools like KReporter standalone on SuiteCRM or SugarCRM
Backend Cleanup KDeployment* modules javascript/ gruntjob/ KREST calls more
  • remove any trace of deprecated modules KDeploymentCRs,KDeploymentSystems, KReleasePackages
  • check the destiny of KDeploymentMWs in backend.
Backend ProjectWBSs label for parent_name more
  • modify LBL_PARENT_NAME to LBL_PARENT, subpanel LBL_PROJECTACTIVITIES_SUBPANEL_TITLE to LBL_PROJECTACTIVITIES fix angular digest error on save in WBS Manager
Backend repair/rebuild for audit tables core
  • Creation is considered but not update when additional fields are defined.
  • Update shall be considered by repair/rebuild.
  • Make index names unique database wide
Better portal user creation/modification more
  • Revision of the logic/code/ui for more user comfort and better error handling.
Calendar rework core
  • Added additonal views for timeline.
  • Added support for multi day events in all views.
  • Restyle on popovers.
  • Integration into Google Calendars< displaying also non SpiceCRM Events
  • added capability to display other users calendars/td>
GSuite Integration more
  • finetuning and updates on login with Google
  • Integrate Meetings and Calls with added logic hook definition
Google Cloud natrular Language API more
  • added support for link with Natural language API
  • added email processor to process received emails and get sentiment on email
  • added integration of sentiment into email inbox display to highlight positive and negative emails for service processes
KReporter Fix custom function in select core
  • Fix for KReporter 4.4
KReporter fix SuiteCRM Subpanel compatibility more
  • ParentID is ignored in query: proper values could not be passed since variable currentRecord in JS is only in SpiceTheme.
  • Added correction to consider SugarCRM CE / SuiteCRM.
Lost password via EmailTemplate+Compiler core
  • updated lost password email logic so it complies with the SpcieCRM email Template Compiler
  • added logic to the email template compiler so additonal paramaters can be passed in
MediaFiles: Automatic creation of required folders core
  • changed logic so default folders for storage fo media files are automatically created
  • minor coding changes and cleanup
  • Possibility to turn off trash bin
Name Formatting core
  • added name formatting to the user preferences
  • rework on full name field to properly interpret user preferences
Assignment Notifications core
  • enable creation of module specific assignment templates so for each module an individual styled and defined template can be used to notify a user that a record has been assigned. Including information on the record assigned.
  • respect users language and send in the language of the user
Optimistic Locking core
  • changed the audit log so by default all feilds are audited
  • changed the ui logic so only changed fields are sent to the backend
  • added a backend check for the changed fields since the last load on teh frontend
  • added an optimisitc locking resolution dialog in the frontend to let the user handle such a situation
Redesign Lookup & Relate Fields core
  • redesigned the lookup and relate fields
  • changed the componentn structure
retrieve real values after POST core
  • added a config parameter so rela values ont eh db can be returned from a POST call
  • can be configured since it has a potential negative performance impact in high volume installations
Speech Recognition core
  • added a fix in the speec recognition dialog
  • System potentially did hang after pausing and continuing on
Angular 7 update core
  • updated core Angular to 7.0.1
Ligthning Design Update core
  • updated Lightning Design to 2.7.4 (Winter '19)
  • updated the role picker dialog
User Preferences core
  • fixed user prefererences bug for admins
Role Loading core
  • in some situations after a logoff and login the user might have had the wrong role
added config table syscustomhooks core
  • added the package and version fields to table syshooks so hooks can be distributed as part of packages from the reference config.
  • Additionally a table syscustomhooks has been added to add customer specific hooks in the configuration of the database.
added transaction control in REST Calls core
  • added an option to handle Database updates transactionally on REST Calls
  • enabling commits and rollbacks in case of handling of more critical and transactional data
UI Add User & User reset password button core
  • Button Reset Password for user details view added.
  • Auto generate password converted to a checkbox, wich will be filling the password field with the auto generated password and showing a copy button when it's checked.
  • by Email option added. to autlomatically generate password and send it via email
  • Hide password button added for regular users
new field type components core
  • color Enum: display a color indicator with an enum value
  • multiselct MultiEnum: list an select with multi select option
update Actionsets core
  • change in rendering actionsets so the only the first button is shown and the remaining buttons are in an overflow
  • changed the way how custom action item components are developed