Release 2018.11.001 – Calendar, Activitiy Stream and more …

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SpiceCRM Release 2018.11.001 is available

The November Release includes a couple of technical parts like the update to Angular7 oder to Lightning Design 2.7.4 but also brings some nice functional enhancements with it.

A new Calendar

There is a couple of main enhancements. First and foremost we significantly enhanced the calendar. We added new views, included easier handling of popups. We also added the capability that you can easily add other users calendars. Also anew function for user absences was added to track sick leaves, vacations and other reasons why a peer of you is not in the office.

We also integrated the Google Calendar. So if you are signed in using your google account your GSuite Calendar events that have not been created from out interface between the two calendars will show on top highlighting private appointments and making planning your business life even easier.

A better Activitiy Timeline

One of the focus areas in a Release we did further updates to the timeline. It was restructured so it provides easier and more relevant information RM is to track all customer related activities. This needs to be super easy to capture and to track. With the current release information is more condensed. It also for the system admin can be easier customized.

We also added further filters to make it easier to find the relevant record for a contact or for an account. The update is also reflected on the assistant on the home screen of the user.

Package Loader (beta)

We also added a package loader. As the complete configuration of SpiceCRM is driven by metadata from the database and we per design implemented a concept that allows to load flexible configurations or remove them again the customization can be a complex task. For canned configurations (packages) we provide we are now adding an easier to use package loader that allows to just load certain configuration sets or remove them again. This is still work in progress but we believe it already adds enough value to officially release it into the wild.

Full Release Notes

A complete list of changes and the complete release notes can be found here.