The next Level of mobile CRM

SpiceCRM Mobile is the mobile Client that is available for SpiceCRM and integrates seamlessly with SpiceCRM in the backend. SpiceCRM Mobile is available for iOS and Android and provides full access to SpiceCRM including offline data support.

Get the App from the App Store or Play Store

SpiceCRM Mobile Basic is available for Free in Apples App Store or Googles Play Store. Simply search for SpiceCRM and download and install the App. However please be aware that if you want to use it with a regular SugarCRM or SuiteCRM system you need to install KREST as well as the mobile extensions for KREST on your system. All files required can be found in our download section.

Features & Functions

from flexible Dashboards to integrated Calendar and Businesscard Scanning. SpiceCRM Mobile is packed with features and will deliver to your expectations

Online & Offline

regardless if you are online or offline – the data is available literally without limits and allows you to get insights as well as maintain your CRM data wherever you are.

iOS & Android

SpiceCRM is available as App for SpiceCRM and iOS via the AppStore resp Google Play.

Flexible Dashboards
Integrated Calendar
Online & Offline
Maps Integration

Card Scanner
One Click Actions
360° View
Camera Integration

Licensing and Pricing options





for ever


per User

from €7.900,-

per Installation
Standard iOS and Android App
Multi Language Support
Predefined Themes
Google Maps and Open Street Maps
Integrated Calendar
Multiple Dashboards
Mobile Studio
Customized Views
Custom Modules
Unlimited offline Support
Business Card Scanning 50ct per Scan custom price plans
KReporter integration
LDAP Authorization
Custom Themes
Custom branding
MDM Integration (ipa, apk files)
Source Code access
Custom build environment
Application Support

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