Managing Sales Quotas – basic tasks made easy

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Some things seem so easy to do so often required and still they are not done. One of those we have seen many times was management of sales quotas. I have been working with SugarCRM for more than 8 years and still looking at sales processes nothing has changed since the beginning. So we thought it is time and added quota management to SpiceCRM.

With the next edition of SpiceCRM you can easily mark users as “quota carrying”. If that is set you can maintain monthly quotas per year for each of those quota carrying members of your staff.


As you set the monthly quotas also the annual figure calculates dynamically. So set the targets, agree with your sales teams and sales reps and then add the quotas in SpiceCRM.

One of the main topics of course is then to trace quota achievement. An easy task to be done with the integrated Reporting engine. One the one hand you want to check the quota achievement like in this report.


A report that simply calculates the quota vs the closed revenue and then based on that determines the quota achievement.

A second important point is to check the pipeline coverage as an essential tool to have a feeling if your staff is on track to achieve their annual goals or not. A pipeline coverage report achieves that.


The report calculates the total amount of the still open opportunities until end of the period, the closed revenues YTD and the annual quota per sales rep and put those in relation to each other. The ratio between the open quota and the unweighted pipeline is the pipeline coverage. For unweighted a good ratio is typically between 2.5 and 3 as coverage factor.

Happy Selling … the SpiceCRM Team