KReporter 4.0 is in Beta Release


With release 4.0 KReporter is becoming part of SpiceCRM. As of today KReporter is in Beta Release and available. Development of Release 4.0 was a major effort reworking the complete MVC structure from Sugar6 and moving to a RESTful architecture as also Sugar7 is using it. KReporter is still fully compatible with Sugar6 and Sugar7 but will require to load the KREST API. This REST API is SpiceCRM’s implementation of the RESTful interface. SugarCRM with Release7 did their implementation.

KREST is also a core component of SpiceCRM and might be useful for other projects as well. We will post separate news on this one. KREST is also the interface we are using for our mobile Apps.

Functionality wise KReporter 4.0 is asides the REST interface built on Sencha EXT 6 and thus the latest and most advanced JS framework for complex web apps. This ensures best performance and a maximum in compatibility. We also updated all other engines and libraries like Highcharts, tcpdf and others. Fusioncharts is being discontinued and needs to be replaced with Highcharts if you are using Fusioncharts. We will release a migration toolset to automate that transformation.

We will post further updates as we go. At this time find more details on KReporter at and download the beta at