Downloads / Installation

find the latest version information and documents on SpiceCRM and also the separate downloads to add specific functions if you are still (we would not know why) using SuiteCRM or core SugarCRM

SpiceCRM - Installation

SpiceCRM is a highly flexible and scalable application. A typical Setup includes 4 types of Servers:

  • Database Server: a server running MySQL, MSSQL, Postgress or Oracle (support available commercially)
  • Elastic Search Server: a server running an elastic instance to support the full text search capabilities in the UI
  • backend server: a server running a PHP instance with the computing power servbing the REST requests
  • frontend server: a webserver for the frontend files as well as a simple proxy to channel the backend requests allowing separation between frontend and backend eliminating the need to expose the backend.

Depending on the size and load of the installation the servers can be separated and also if required load balanced or put into HA clusters. In a simple environment all servers can be run on one single instance.

The main components for the frontend and the backend (core) can be retrieved from GitHUB

You can find additional information in the files in the repositories. We have also compiled a more detailed Installation guide with helpful tips and and hints that can be downloaded here (detailed SpiceCRM Installation Guide). For any kind of questions or support needed please use our community forums. We have also created a post including youtube videos showing a complete setup procedure from a fresh installed debian instance. Check out that post here.

If you are interested in the more Edition please contact us at info(at) or via the contact form. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and explore how SpiceCRM can help your CRM needs. The more repositories are private repositories only available to our licensed customers and valued partners.

Legacy Support

We know that there is still a community out there that is running on legacy SugarCRM Systems or other forks like SuiteCRM but still want to benefit from our Developments like KReporter. Thus below find the legacy packages for the KREST Interface and KReporter. We still maintain this but over time expect that this will also be phased out as we expect that users of the old legacy platforms switch to SpiceCRM as well.


KREST is the enhanced REST API that is built into SpiceCRM. If you are planning to use KReporter or SpiceCRM Mobile in conjunction with a regular SugarCRM system or SuiteCRM system you will need to download and install the KREST API since both components rely on this API and communicate with the backend systems using it. Please also download the installations and testing instructions since installing and configuring the KREST API also requires you to configure your webserver properly.

  • KREST Installation GUIDE - Please download and read this carefully before installing the KREST Interface making sure all prerequisites are met and that the KREST interface is installed successfully and working
  • KREST Core 2.5.3


KReporter 4.2 is the next generation Reporting Solution for SugarCRM based Systems. To run KReporter you need to first install the KREST API and ensure the KREST API is properly running as indicated in the installation Guide for the KREST API. To run KReporter you need to first load the base package and then the core package. Please ensure to set proper file size limits on php (including max post size) and on SugarCRM to be able to load the file.

KReporter 4.2 fully supports Sugar7 but only in the commercial Extended Version. You will be able to load KReporter 4.2 in the free edition also on Sugar7 but then will need to have KREST loaded and also run KReporter in bwc mode. With the extended Plugins KReporter utilizes the Sugar7 API and runs in native mode in Sidecar in Sugar7.

The following are files that provided useful since we have been asked several times for some hotows. They might not be based on the latest release but the concepts and content apply to basically all releases of KReporter.