Did you know how easy it is to search through SpiceCRM?

Claudia DraxlerUncategorized

SpiceCRM provides you with a lot of different and quick options to search for data. You can use the global search tool right at the start screen to look for various contacts, companies, etc.

Type in a name or a keyword or multiple words and SpiceCRM will search globally and present you a highlighted list of results. Hit Enter to get more Details and groups of records. They are sorted by relevance with the best match on top.






If you’re looking for a contact or any other record in a specific module you can use the module related search to narrow down your results immediately. Simply type in the name or any term that is used in the search. Which fields are considered in which way is fully customizable and can be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

You can also use keywords related to it to further improve the results, for example parts of the company’s name or any other reference related to it.

Refine the search through your contacts using filters, such as communication language, functions within a company, data that can be used due to data security agreements, personal interests, tags etc. quick and easy, saving you a lot of time and effort when it comes to finding the right set of data. Every time you see the bucket icon on the top right-hand side of the page, you’re able to select your filters of choice by simply ticking off the boxes next to it, narrowing the results down to the preferred set of information.