Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.
-Stephen Covey

Core vs. More - the SpiceCRM Editions

No two businesses are the same, no two Projects and no two CRM Systems. Flexibility is at the heart of our systems and being able to customize is in the DNA of our Developers.

Over the years however we have gathered loads of requirements and built additional Products for SugarCRM (the open Source CRM that powers the backend of SpiceCRM) which we combined and consolidated in the SpiceCRM Backbone and the UI. TO cater to the Open Source idea which we fundamental believe in but also allow to add more complexity out of the box we have split SpiceCRM into two editions – the “Core” and the “More” Edition. The Core covers all basic and essential CRM Functions and will allow a company to deploy a state of the art CRM System, use it either right out of the box or build on top of it. The More Edition comes with prepackaged applications and addons that add additional benefits to the CRM Solution and might reduce the costs of implementation if the standard addons fit the purpose.

the "Core" Edition

Delivers the essential and pure CRM. It covers the data management, campaign handling, lead management, opportunity management. Supports Dashboard and basic reports. All forms of activities from calls, to meetings to tasks, including calender support.

Provides the platform for flexible CRM Deployments and customization and development of additional functionality. It is provided under an Open Source License and available for free.

the "More" Edition

Is based on the core Edition and adds additional features like advanced Reporting, Workflow, Email Automation with Sendgrid and Mailgun, Service Management, Deployment Management and more features.

It is ideal to get started in more complex CRM Projects where out of the box additional features help and speed up the implementation process. It is available commercially at a monthly fee starting from €19,- per user and month.



for ever


starting at €19

per user & month
Core Data
Campaign Management
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Activity Management
Email Templates & SMTP
Communication Channels
(Sendgrid, Mailgun, Twilio, A1 SMS)
Basic Reporting
Advanced Reporting
Basic Servicemanagement
Extended Servicemanagement
Product Management
basic Quotes Management
extended Quotes Management
Project Management
Territory Management
GSuite Integration
ACL Management
Google Maps Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Open Source
Proprietary License
On Site
On Demand
Feedback Magagement
Potentials Management
Voice over IP
(Asterisk, Alcatel, Starface)
MS Exchange Integration
Newsletter Integration
CleverReach Integration
MailChimp Integration
dialog-Mail Integration
Evalanche Integration