Release 2018.11.001 – Calendar, Activitiy Stream and more …

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SpiceCRM Release 2018.11.001 is available The November Release includes a couple of technical parts like the update to Angular7 oder to Lightning Design 2.7.4 but also brings some nice functional enhancements with it. A new Calendar There is a couple of main enhancements. First and foremost we significantly enhanced the calendar. We added new views, included easier handling of popups. We also added the capability that you can easily add other users calendars. Also anew function for user absences was added to … Read More

Mastering GDPR with SpiceCRM

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GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation Effective May 25th the European Union implemented new European wide rules for the management and handling of data of individuals. The GDPR was put in place. Originally more or less targeting the larger internet giants like Google and Facebook, it has a significant impact on any operation in the EU that is handling data – which literally is any company operating here – but also for companies dealing with the EU. All of us … Read More

Dashboards – information where you need it

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“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” I recently stumbled upon this statement in a nice blog entry from Tom Fishburne. Of course a very true statement. Designing and setting up Dashboards that are meaningful can be a tedious task. Also the focus on Dashboards should be to deliver the right information in the right format top the person. At SpiceCRM we see Dashboards as central point for interaction and a good … Read More

SpiceCRM – the Fall Release

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Release 2018.10 has been released. Asides changes to the backend it also is the first release where we are publicly releasing our new UI. As many of you have followed us we have made a huge development effort over the last 24 months to bring SpiceUI to live that adds a complete new user experience to SpiceCRM, is highly performant, flexible and on the latest technological basis. With the fall release we are also introducing a split between backend and … Read More

SpiceCRM and GSuite .. a match made in heaven

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Google’s angular is at the heart of SpiceCRM. And also GSuite is getting wider used. So linking GSuite and SpiceCRM was an easy decision and task to do. It does not only allow to straight forward log in using your Google credentials but if you do so also automatically links entries in your calendar with your GSuite Calendar and also synchronizes Tasks with GSuite. Google Docs and other apps will follow making SpiceCRM even easier to use and more powerful … Read More

KReporter 4.2 has been released – Releasenotes

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The latest version (4.2) of our popular reporting tool KReporter for SugarCRM is available for download. The changes with this release are as follows: Prerequisite + Features for 4.2 + Currency type rounded + Allow Edit settings on/off to Kreporter 4.x + Cockpit View / Categories Manager + Filters: Improved loading mask for dropdowns + Integration CSV Export filename + SugarCRM 7.8 compatibility + SecurityGroups Integration Bugs fixed for 4.2 + enum key/label display in where clause + Integration … Read More

The best of three worlds – what SpiceCRM is about

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Shaping the future of CRM – the SpiceCRM Experience On the one hand CRM as an app category has stabilized. Yet the web application space is still quite rapidly developing and has seen a shift in approach and application development. The single page app has evolved and is moving fast. While we see SugarCRM as a stable CRM platform the UI (especially of CE is outdated). SugarCRM took some action and developed their own framework (sidecar). While that is delivering … Read More

The CRM calendar – an integrated part to activity management

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A key part of CRM is activity management. And the key to activitiy management is a decent calendar that makes it easy to plan and schedule activities. The all new calendar in SpiceCRM is easy to use and offers detailed insight into the activities planned. It allows direct access to calls, meetings, taks and all the related information. It is fully configurable enabling the user to define what information is displayed. It can be configured to use colors for different … Read More

The SpiceCRM Winter Release is here

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On December 21st Winter started in the northern Hemisphere. At the same time, we published the Winter Release of SpiceCRM as the next level of evolution of SugarCRM CE. It is available from GitHub following this link The main enhancements include: – Update on the Theme with slight changes (updated icon sets, cleaned up fields and views, adopted lists and subpanels, etc.) – Integration of Full Text Search based on Elastic (integrated in the global search as well as … Read More

Enhancing Global Search with Elastic

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The global search is a nice feature and adds quite some usability value to the user. The issue thus far typically was that searching based on the relational database was slow and in some cases even killing large databases. That changed with the link to Elastic Search as a search engine. With the performance and enhanced search options Elasticsearch offers finding records in SugarCRM via the global search just became a fast and flexible tool. Driven by an angular based … Read More