Did you know how easy it is to search through SpiceCRM?

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SpiceCRM provides you with a lot of different and quick options to search for data. You can use the global search tool right at the start screen to look for various contacts, companies, etc. Type in a name or a keyword or multiple words and SpiceCRM will search globally and present you a highlighted list of results. Hit Enter to get more Details and groups of records. They are sorted by relevance with the best match on top.     … Read More

The 3 new navigation modes in SpiceCRM

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Modern web applications like SpiceCRM are based on the “one page application” schema. This means that the application runs in a single web page on the browser and mainly is handeld by the browser. This brings many enhanced capabilities and increases speed and usability. However the downside is that typically only one record at a time can be shown. With the latest release of SpiceCRM we added a set of new navigation modes  focusing on the typical power user in … Read More

SpiceCRM 2020.01.002 released .. Maps and tabbed browsing


Delivering on our Roadmap we just did release SpiceCRM 2020.01.002 as a minor release. The big changes include a new way to navigate and browse SpiceCRM with a tabbed navigation feature that allows managing multiple records at a same time structured by tabs and usb-tabs in the application itself. It also further deepens our Google Maps integration making the handling of geo data in CRM much easier supporting the user to easily use the geocoded data and maps increasing efficieny … Read More

SpiceCRM 2020.01.001 released

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Following our Roadmap we did release SpiceCRM 2020.01.001 earlier this week. Amongst a lot of features and fixes the major changes include a significant rework on the list view including more flexible field handling, resizing, export featues and more in the basic lists and also a major rework in the KANBAN board adding drag & drop and other new features. The other really big step towards our goal to migrate the complete legacy based SugarCRM features to the new UI is … Read More

The SpiceCRM Roadmap for 2020

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With the roadmap we published today we want to share the plans and areas of focus we are having for the coming months. Target for 2020 is to have four major releases of SpiceCRM. While the areas for Q1 and Q2 are quite clear (Q1 has to the largest extent been completed from the development perspective already and we are in the planning process for Q2) the second half of the year is not yet completely firmed up. This will … Read More

The State of Enterprise Open Source


A recent report conducted by Illuminas and published by RedHat underlines the importance of Enterprise Open Source. It also states that TCO is an argument but no longer the main one. Other factors like Quality of the Software or Security are evenly important. And last but not least one of the driving factors is Innovation as the report comes to the conclusion “The top spot, at 86%, went to “Enterprise open source is used by the most innovative companies.”with 86%. This … Read More

the all new Reporter for SpiceCRM scheduled to be released end of Q1

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Reporting is amongst the most important features in a CRM solution. CRM Systems collect big amounts of data and thus represent a great source for sales &marketing as well as service insights. Reporting has always been one of our strenghts. We already last year ported the visualization of our well running reporting engine to the SpiceCRM UI. As of now we are in the final steps of also porting the report designer. Our reporter provides thus far unmatched reporting features … Read More

Welcome to the new Microsoft Edge!

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The new Microsoft Edge is out. Based on the open source chromium Engine. It is fast and 100% compatible with SpiceCRM. A welcome addition to the world of the modern browsers. We did our test and welcome MS Edge in its new Release.

SpiceCRM 2019.12.001 released

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Right at the end of 2019 we did release a new update to SpiceCRM. Amongst other changes the most significant enhamcnements are the new feature to easily drag and drop emails and any other kind of file to the activity stream. This enables users to just drag an email right from outlook to CRM and archivew it in a structured wqay. Fully indexed and with the full FullText Search support. Also all attachments are archived making storing emails in CRM … Read More

SpiceCRM 2019.09.001 released

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It has been a nice and long summer. Nevertheless the team has been working hard and we have put together the most packed release we published thus far. The new release is packed with new features, smaller enhancements and several fixes. Amongst others we have been porting further functions from the backend Reporting engine adding views like Pivot and Tree but also flexible Grouping etc to the new UI. We also added the function for “Close & New” the SugarCRM … Read More