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Sales & Marketing

Drive User Adoption with a CRM System loved by your Users. Easy & Intuitive.

  • 100% role based adopting to the users needs
  • feature rich and lightning fast in all areas
  • best in class UI inuitive to use
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Optimize TCO  lowering the CRM investment and freeing up funds. Enable Business Change.

  • Open Source License lowering investment costs
  • Analytical driven to support business decisions
  • scalable supporting changing business environments
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CIO & IT Manager

Build on flexible, scalable and proven technology. Drive an open application stack.

  • Deployment onSite or onDemand
  • open apis to integrate in other Systems
  • proven technology with developer capacity available

Companies running SpiceCRM and its components

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The right CRM Solution for Companies of any size


1 - 10 Users

  • Out of the Box CRM Functionality
  • Manage Accounts, Contacts, Leads and execute your Pipeline
  • Hosted and operated by us as Cloud Service


11 - 500 Users

  • Deployed on Demand or on Premise
  • Integrates seamlessly into other Systems (ERP, Backoffice, .)
  • flexible role based customization
  • add custom functionality


500 - any number of Users

  • highly customizable Platform
  • no cost per user - lowest TCO
  • open Standards
  • highly scalable


Speed matters and is the base to make users love and use a system. All we do focuses on building fast and reliable applications that deliver an outstanding and intuitive user experience. Drive user Adoption and thus data quality and the Value of CRM.


Leverage the Open Source License Model, lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and free up funds to invest where it matters in terms of functions and customizations. Don’t waste money on license costs for commodity functionality.


Built on open standards this enables you to easily integrate. You will also find resources to support and operate the System since you are not locked into proprietary standards. Decide for yourself on the deployment model. Take Control.


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