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Integrated to Outlook and Exchange

SpiceCRM is tightly integrated with Outlook and Exchange. Via an extension plugin SpiceRM supports archiving of emails in Outlook365 or Outlook 2016. It also allows lookup of contacts in SpiceCRM when composing emails.

For the synchronization of the Calendar, Tasks and Contacts SpiceCRM provides a server side sync that directly connects the SpiceCRM Server with the Exchange Server. This also ensures that whenever information is changed it is available immediately to all devices a user further connects to the Exchange server.

The Exchange and Outlook integration is also available as separate component to link to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM.


An Add In for Microsoft Outlook connects your inbox and emails with SpiceCRM. Archive Emails and lookup address data directly in Outlook365, Outlook 2016 for Windows and Outlook 2016 for Mac.


Connect your SpiceCRM server with your Exchange Server (2013 and above) and have SpiceCRM sync users records for the Calendar, for Contacts and for Tasks. The sync is done server to server and does not need user interaction lowering support and TCO.

Office 365

SpiceCRM’s Outlook Plugin integrates seamlessly into Office365. Access SpiceCRM Data when composing emails with a comfortable search function that allows you to find contacts in SpiceCRM when writing new emails.

When you read emails easily archive them to SpiceCRM. The Outlook plugin will match the email based on the email addresses to records in SpiceCRM and allow you to archive the email with just one click. Making that email available in the accounts, contacts or leads history.

Outlook for Windows and Mac

In the same way, the plugin integrates into Ioffice365 it also automatically is enabled in Outlook 2016 when connected to the exchange server and allows for the same features there. Connect to the SpiceCRM backend and archive emails that are relevant for CRM. When composing emails access the records in CRM and find the contacts without the need to keep them in your own address book.

Exchange Integration

While emails typically require a user interaction and the user needs to decide which email items to archive the synchronization of the Calendar, selected Contacts as well as Tasks happens automatically between the SugarCRM server and the Exchange Server. The configuration is defined on a user basis selecting the users and defining their Exchange mailboxes that should be synced. The SpiceCRM Exchange connector takes care of the rest. From an IT perspective this dramatically reduced the IT support costs since the plugin functionality is minimized and the plugin does not have to take care of synchronization logic as with other Outlook plugins.

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