“What gets measured,
gets done”

– Tom Peters

Reporting made easy

KReporter 4.0 provides the easiest to use and most powerful reporting engine currently available for SugarCRM and SugarCRM based systems (SuiteCRM, SpiceCRM).

  • an intuitive and easy to use interface allowing you to navigate the data in your systems and with drag and drop create complex reports analyzing your complete SugarCRM data
  • a powerful charting engine with multiple options to build the charts in the format as you like them
  • multiple presentation formats from simple basic lists to grouped views, tree views or pivot Charts
  • multiple integration options including export to Excel, PDF, publishing as dashlets or drilldown capabilities

Built for Sugar6 and Sugar7

Needless to say that KReporter continues to run on Sugar6 based systems but it is also built for Sugar7 and thus the first Reporting Solution that runs natively in the Sugar7 UI. The Sugar7 Support is only available with the commercial available Extension Package.

  • Built on an open REST API
  • fully built on HTML5 Standards
  • State of the art frameworks
  • No Backwards Compatibility Mode

A flexible Plugin Architecture

KReporter is built on a flexible Plugin Architecture. The free core package comes with a set of basic plugins for Visualization, Presentation and Integration.

Additonal Plugins are available in the commercial Extension Package unleashing the full power of KReporter.

Presentation Plugins

Presentation Plugins take care that Report Results are presented properly. They present data in form of different grids or trees, grouped, with summaries or expandable. A Report always has one form of presentation that fits the required presentation needs. The standard view is part of the free Core package. All other presentation Plugins are available commercially as part of the extension package.

Standard w. Summary
Standard with Preview


Visualization Plugins

Visualization Plugins present report data in graphical or other format. Typical presentations are Charts or also Maps or Geo based visualization. A functional limited version of the Google Charts Plugin is part of the free Core package. All other visualization Plugins are available commercially as part of the extension package.

Google Charts
Google Maps*
Google Geo
* Usage of Highcharts and Google Maps requires the customer to obtain a proper license for the HighCharts charting engine as well as Google Maps license

Integration Plugins

Integration Plugins add extra functionality to Reports and integrate with other areas in SugarCRM or even other systems. The functionality spans from Export as CSV, XLS or PDF to Publishing as Dashlets or performance analytics or Drilldowns.

CSV export
Excel Export
PDF Export
Targetlist Export

Report Publishing
Snapshot Analyzer

Query Analyzer

The Packages

KReporter is built in four packages that build on each other. If you are using SpiceCRM all packages up to the Core Package are already part of the system. In case you are using SugarCRM or SuiteCRM you will need to load the three packages as well or ensure that they are loaded.



The KREST API is the foundation for the communication between the Reporting Engine and the CRM Backend. It is also the base for other components like SpiceCRM Mobile

Base Package

The Base Package loads the required core libraries like Sencha or others and is a prerequisite for KReporter to run. It is separated since Release cycles may vary and new releases of KReporter may not require an upgrade.

Core Package

The Core Package contains the free version of KReporter including the core reporting engine as well as the minimal set of plugins required to create reports.


The Extension Package contains the complete set of plugins unleashing the full power of KReporter. It is available commercially license starting at €1.000,- where total costs depend on the number of active users on the system. For quote please contact: info@kreporter.org

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