Frequently Asked Questions

SpiceCRM actually is an enhanced version of SugarCRM. We are building on the core of SugarCRM CE, extending this with additional features and functions. But we also maintain the core keeping it up to date with new versions of core products and technology. So if you want you can look at SpiceCRM as an enhancement to SugarCRM.
No. We rather see it as a logical extension. We want to offer a choice to those customers that bought into the Open Source idea. We also want to offer the various extensions that make up SpiceCRM asides the technological changes to be utilized in the same way on SugarCRM 7.
This is correct. Yet on the one hand a lot of the items listed there are available already yet not put together in one product. It also is correct that even putting them together and making them a product is still a task but we believe that there is substantial enhancement available that can be utilized. Also the deliverables will depend on the contributions made to the community and to the product. Either by partners or by customer. Either by active development or by funding developments.
At this time we are in a stage of packaging the first set of components. We will release the first version of SpiceCRM until end of the year.
The core SpiceCRM product as maintained and offered by the foundation will be Open Source under GPL. But while there is a clear commitment to maintain an Open Source kernel and keep a majority of the product under GPL we also see that companies and individuals need to live and make money. We leave it open to members and contributors to decide if they want to contribute and share functions and features as Open Source under GPL (as part of the core product) or as a commercial licensed extension.
Enhancing the UI experience is a core part of our strategy. We believe that useability is key to user acceptance and thus the adoption of a CRM system. Our first push into that direction is SpiceCRM Mobile. This will close one current existing gap of a decent, state of the art mobile App that can connect to SugarCRM.
At this time we are in a controlled Beta Phase for SpiceCRM Mobile. Until end of the year we plan to reach a general available product. For the time being please contact us at if you are interested to participate in the Beta program.
We want to make this a joint effort. Thus the core of SpiceCRM should not belong to a single entity, individual or company. That is the reason why we are creating the SpiceCRM Foundation. A foundation to foster collaboration and joint development of the product. Also the foundation has no commercial focus we still see it as a platform for companies to collaborate and start business relationships. We want to foster business for all parties through but not in the foundation.
It simply declares your support of the product and the joint idea of shared development of a free GPL based products that supports each others business. We invite you as partner, individual or customer to join and participate.
If you are interested to join the foundation and contribute please send us an email to and we will follow up with you. Currently terms and levels of membership are not fully defined – we are still fleshing this out – but will update the sections here once this clears.
Yes and No. Of course we welcome any member that has ideas and supports driving the product. Yet the rule is that drive and direction is driven by engagement an contribution. Through the foundation we want to control the kernel of the product and thus what becomes standard and what will be an extension. We will consolidate the feedback from all members but that does not guarantee that products get developed. Still a member needs to contribute this (also in a level and quality that this can be added to the core product)
Good Question. There is quite some work ahead of us. Yet we are excited and looking forward to it. If you like the idea please contact us and join the foundation to jointly make this a better product. We are a group of people dedicated to SugarCRM and believe that there is lots of good things in SugarCRM. We also see the potential to make it better and also see how other communities jointly manage to develop a product. So join the team and support the effort.
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