“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

-Napoleon Hill

Opportunity-2-Contract – Opportunity Management with SpiceCRM

Opportunity Management is one of the key processes of a CRM system. The process of converting a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) to a Contract is the essence of sales. To ensure the maximum throughput and a customer journey that is already branded with a company’s professional attitude towards the relationship with the customer is what brings CRM to life. SpiceCRM offers a clear guided process to manage Opportunities, to monitor them and to ensure all steps are taken to win a prospects business.


A process driven guide ensures that the user follows the processes. For the casual user this ensures that process standards are followed. For the experienced user it offers checks to ensure nothing has been forgotten. It is the base to ensure that the customer experience is as your company envisions the process to be.


The systems I packed with features to support the process. From the opportunity itself, to quota management, proposal management, the definition of the buying center or the competitive assessment. Useful functions for the daily management of the process.


Execution along the process is one part. Equally important is the capability to gain insight and analyze the process. This helps to drive performance in a sales organization but is also the base for proper forecasting. Useful reports support the individual as well as the management.

Guided Process – a clear path to Execution

A graphical guide in the Opportunity details at any stage what the required steps are. It performs checks and highlights if all required steps are completed or actions are missing. The guide is fully configurable and can thus can be defined according to the companies standards and sales process.

  • Clear and visible Process
  • Documented Actions per Sales Stage
  • Checks per Stage
  • 100% configurable

Management of the Buying Center

The management of the buying center is key to success. Understand who participates in the process on customer side. Manage their roles, propensity to buy, their level of influence and their position towards you as a supplier. Ensure all required roles are covered and understood. The buying center is the base to define your strategy

  • Management of involved Contacts
  • document their role & behavior
  • get an overview of the decision base in the account

Competitive Assessments

To compete is part of the game. But key to success is to understand the competition. Analyze the strength and weaknesses of competitors in a specific opportunity and define a clear attack and defense strategy laying out the plan to success.

  • Track Competitors
  • Analyze and document the competitors position
  • define a startegy based on the competitive assessment

Sales Quota Management

If you want to achieve targets you first need to set targets. SpiceCRM offers an integrated sales quota management. Define quota carrying employees and then define monthly sales quotas for them. Sales quotas are fully integrated into the reporting tools and thus allow tracking of achievement, coverage and forecast reports.

  • Define our quota carrying staff
  • set monthly sales quotas
  • Repots on quota achievement or coverage

Proposal Management and Tracking

A lightweight proposal tracking system allows you to attach proposal to an Opportunity. Manage internal and external documents on that proposal and track the status. Attach multiple proposal to an opportunity and check which ones have been accepted or rejected by the customer.

  • Manage multiple proposals per opportunity
  • track proposal values
  • track proposal status

Reporting & Analytics

An old wisdom says “What gets measured gets done”. In SpiceCRM the integrated Reporting is key to ensuring sales success. Reports allow to track pipeline, sales efficiency and the achievement of set goals linking actual revenues with pipeline and the quotas defined. This allows reporting on individuals and teams with drilldown capabilities and graphical representation of the results.

  • Report on Pipeline, Effectiveness, Target achievement
  • flexible tool with predefined reports available
  • easy to extend and create your own reports
  • fully integrated in SpiceCRM
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