You can either download the full SpiceCRM package or in parts of it also only components of the package


SpiceCRM is the complete package that includes all free extensions of SpcieCRM already built in. It also includes the new UI which had prior been only available commercially at SugarOutfitters.

The Full package is available via our public repository on Github and can be found here


KREST is the enhanced REST API that is built into SpiceCRM. If you are planning to use KReporter or SpiceCRM Mobile in conjunction with a regular SugarCRM system or SuiteCRM system you will need to download and install the KREST API since both components rely on this API and communicate with the backend systems using it. Please also download the installations and testing instructions since installing and configuring the KREST API also requires you to configure your webserver properly.

  • KREST Installation GUIDE - Please download and read this carefully before installing the KREST Interface making sure all prerequisites are met and that the KREST interface is installed successfully and working
  • KREST Core 2.5.3


KReporter 4.2 is the next generation Reporting Solution for SugarCRM based Systems. To run KReporter you need to first install the KREST API and ensure the KREST API is properly running as indicated in the installation Guide for the KREST API. To run KReporter you need to first load the base package and then the core package. Please ensure to set proper file size limits on php (including max post size) and on SugarCRM to be able to load the file.

KReporter 4.2 fully supports Sugar7 but only in the commercial Extended Version. You will be able to load KReporter 4.2 in the free edition also on Sugar7 but then will need to have KREST loaded and also run KReporter in bwc mode. With the extended Plugins KReporter utilizes the Sugar7 API and runs in native mode in Sidecar in Sugar7.

The following are files that provided useful since we have been asked several times for some hotows. They might not be based on the latest release but the concepts and content apply to basically all releases of KReporter.

SpiceCRM Mobile

SpiceCRM Mobile is a package that needs to be added to SugarCRM based systems to enable connection of SpiceCRM Mobile. A prerequisite for it to work in the load of the KREST API. So before installing this package please ensure that KREST is installed and works properly.

The package adds a set of new custom REST calls as well as custom objects and language file for the mobile App.

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