A new look to SugarCRM

For the regular user, using SpiceCRM on their desktop, SpiceCRM offers a new and google styled layout offering a refreshing new look for those switching from SugarCRM CE. The Theme was sold separately for quite some time on SugarOutfitters and now is an integrated part of SpiceCRM.

The Layout is crisp and clean and focus on the business user. We try to optimize the screen and present the information in a clear structure also trying to minimize the clicks a user has to make to get the relevant information.

The Theme is also optimized for performance trying to minimize response time and deliver a fast UI.

Design Principals

The goal and Design Principal was to create a theme that is clean and has as less distraction as possible focusing the user on the information on the screen. The notion of the theme is to reduce the unused space on the screen minimizing the white screen parts. Still while we want to load the screen and ensure the user has all information required on one screen we tried to keep it crisp and clear. Guidance for the Theme was the design principles by Google.

User Centric

The Theme has the user in mind adding simple features to make working with SpiceCRM more enjoyable and easier than with regular SugarCRM. Features like favorites, direct edit buttons customizable toolbars etc allow the user to be faster and more efficient. To focus on the important task that is seeling and using CRM as a tool to support the daily tasks.

Added Functions

We are also using the theme to add some features that make the use of CRM even easier. This includes features like favorites, reminders, quick notes, drag and drop for object attachments. Just small features that yet – we believe – have a big impact on usability and ease of use. Which is also a key fact to the users adoption of CRM in an organization.

Favorites and Notes

Just mark any record a favorite with one click. Favorites will show up as separate items in the menus.

With the same easy add stick notes to any record. Mark them as global if they should be visible to all users or keep them to yourself as a little note that you wanted to add for yourself to the record.


From time to time you just want to keep some things in the back and want the system top remind you. Creating tasks can be tedious and sometimes is simply not worth it, since it is sufficient to just have e.g. a contact pop up at a given date and you will know what it means to you. Simple Reminders are just what the name suggest. Simply add a date tag to any record and be reminded by a widget in your sidebar or a dashlet on your home screen.

Add attachments via drag & drop

Adding attachments has never been easier before. Just add attachments to any object via drag and drop. No need to fiddle with the know sugar notes or similar objects. Just a simple drop of the file and your attachment is linked to the Account, Contact or any other Element in SugarCRM.

Sidebar, Widgets and Toolbar

The sidebar is back. And it is fully configurable with the items to be shown. There is a set of standard widgets for the sidebar available. Yet the sidebar also allows custom widgets to be developed and to support specific actions that might be needed in your implementation.

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