“Creativity has always depended on openness and flexibility, so let us hope for more of both in the future.”

-Siri Hustvedt

Deployment Options – adapting to your needs

The method on how you consume and use a CRM system has significantly changed over the past years. OnDemand services have become state of the art yet still the deployment option in our view should be your choice. And also, should you as a customer have the possibility to change your mind and move a system from a public cloud to a private cloud to your own premises.


Consume SpiceCRM as software as a service. Provisioned and operated by us. The complete hassle-free deployment at competitive costs. Hosted out of the EU or the US – the choice is yours. Completely GHDPR compliant. With high performance guaranteed and access from everywhere and anytime.

Private Cloud

Operated out of our own private cloud if you have a cloud service provider of choice. Typical providers are Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure. Others will be applicable as well. The ideal scenario if you already have other servers and solutions deployed out of any of these cloud service providers.

On Premise

If you have complex adaptions and high utilization of interfaces and also are able to manage a complex web application, you can also deploy SpiceCRM on Site on your own premises and servers. Databases of choice are MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres or Oracle. It runs on Apache or ISS, on Linux or Windows. Flexibility guaranteed.

One Solution

Regardless what deployment option you choose the solution is functionally the same. There are no differences and restrictions based on the deployment model.

  • All features in all Version
  • fully customizable
  • No Restrictions

Change Deployment whenever you want

Also, if you choose one deployment model this does not mean this is firmed then for the rest of your CRM usage. At any time, you can move a system from one model of deployment to another. The functions and data will remain the same. You choose and move the system as you like.

  • Change Deployment Models at any time
  • No Loss of Data
  • No Loss of Features and Functions
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