“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”

-Henry Ford

Contract-2-Reference- Projectmanagement with SpiceCRM

Once the opportunity is won and the contract is signed, quite often a project has to be set up. SpiceCRM offers you the possibility to relate a project directly to an account and opportunity and structure this project according to your requirements.


The way a project team is structured can play a major role in how it functions. SpiceCRM supports a work breakdown structure so that the team’s work can be organized into manageable sections. Split your project in WBS and track effort per WBS.


Project management is, as one can say, the coordination of tasks and differnt individual activities. SpiceCRM supports you in task management for the whole project as well as in activity planning and tracking on each WBS level.


Execution along the process is one part. Equally important is the capability to gain insight and analyze the process. This helps to drive performance in the project team and keep up to date about the milestones. Useful reports support the individual as well as the management.

Define a project

In SpiceCRM you can easily create a project to an opportunity, account or/and contact and manage the tasks to fulfil the contract. Give your project a timetable and prioritise it.

  • Related to opportunity, account and contact
  • Define timeline
  • Prioritise the projects

Structure the project

Use the work breakdown structure to split the team’s work into manageable sections. Structure your project in a tree-structure to plan and track activities for each WBS element.

  • Split the team’s work
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Plan and track activities

Task and time management

With SpiceCRM tasks can be planned, assigned and prioritised. The status informs the project team about the task progress and possible pendings. The task planning is the basis for the project gantt chart.

  • Plan tasks
  • Status informs about progress and pendings
  • Tasks are converted in a Gantt chart

Plan and record activities

Activities can be planned with the expected effort on each WBS element and supports the project team in resource planning. The team members can record their activities in the project view or very easy directly in the project dashboard.

  • Plan and track activities on each WBS level
  • Record activities easily in personal dashboard
  • Ressource planning


The integrated analytics view keeps you up to date about the effort on each WBS element as well as each project member’s effort. Clear charts are embedded in the project view to support the project team in further

  • Clear charts
  • Effort per WBS Element
  • Effort per project member
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