“The aim […] is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

-Peter Drucker

Campaign-2-Lead – Campaign Management with SpiceCRM

Campaign Management is one of the key processes of a CRM system.
To gain leads which become customers via campaigns is one important marketing aim. Reaching the right target group with the right message gets easy using SpiceCRM.


The systems is packed with features to support the process. From the campaign definition itself, to target lists, email templates and integrated marketing tools. Useful functions for the daily management of the process.


SpiceCRM provides beside integrated email templates open interfaces for your prefered marketing tools. It perfectly fits in your existing marketing surrounding and supports your campaign process with target-oriented data and clear analysis.


Execution along the process is one part. Equally important is the capability to gain insight and analyze the process. This helps to drive performance but is also the base for proper campaign planning. Useful reports support the individual as well as the management.

Marketing calendar – campaign setup

SpiceCRM supports the marketing team in setting up a marketing calendar. In a clearly arranged form all necessary information can be documented. Budget planning and costs are planned and time and frequency are set for each campaign. Furthermore all activities to this campaign can be logged and planned directly in this view.

  • Define campaigns
  • Budget planning
  • Documented Actions per campaign

Target lists – fix or flexible

At the beginning of a campaign is always the need to define the target customer. Target lists can specify either individuals who need to be included in a campaign or excluded from a campaign. In SpiceCRM Default, Seed, Test and Suppression Lists can be created and used for one or more campaigns.

  • Management of involved Contacts
  • document their role & behavior
  • get an overview of the decision base in the account

Execution – Integration of Mail and Marketing Tools

To run the campaign SpiceCRM offers a wide range of possiblities. You can either use the SpiceCRM E-Mail-templates or one of your integrated Marketing or Mail-Tools. We support the integration of the following marketing tools: Evalanche, MailChimp, Emarsys as well as Office Applications like Outlook or Word to create mail merge.

  • Easy use of SpiceCRM Mail-Templates
  • Integration of Marketing-Tools like MailChimp, Evalanche, Emarsys
  • Use Word for mail merge
  • Use the exported data

Campaing Measurement

You run a campaign. Now it is time to determine the impact of your campaign. How did the campaign influence your lead generation and conversion? SpiceCRM supports you with significant analysis directly in the campaign view and provides the necessary information for the marketing team to manage and control current campaigns.

  • Determine the impact of your campaign
  • Influence of lead generation and conversion
  • Analysis directly in campaign view

Lead tracking

Changing the view to one specific lead you can easily see from which campaign the lead was generated. If the process goes successfully and the lead is converted into a contact and opportunity. The contact view shows you all related campaigns the contact is receiving like newsletters etc.

  • Identify from which campaign the lead was generated
  • Track the lead conversion
  • See further related campaigns in the contact view

Reporting & Analytics

SpiceCRM allows reporting on individuals and teams with drilldown capabilities and graphical representation of the results. The reports allow to compare your campaigns and learn from the different outcomes. Descriptive analysis help to make your future campaigns even more effectiv.

  • Compare your campaigns
  • Flexible tool with predefined reports available
  • Easy to extend and create your own reports
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