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– Steve Jobs

SpiceCRM – the next level of Open Source CRM

SpiceCRM is the next level of Evolution of SugarCRM. As SugarCRM decides to let its CE version go, we decided to pick it up and continue in the spirit but even make it better. Not only are we utilizing what has been done in the past. We are further developing the core ensuring support for new technologies like PHP7 which gives huge performance gain. Yet we are also adding missing functionality with our focus to make an Enterprise fit product. Missing features in SugarCRM like a Territorry Management, state of the Art reporting and other tools are available and complete our understanding of what an enterprise class product needs to support.


SpiceCRM build on SugarCRM as an open Framework. Open Standards and a truly web based application enables rapid implementations. Projects can typically be delivered within weeks rather than months or years.


Open Source is a proven model. This also holds true for the business application space. The core solution comes licensed under AGPL and thus at no charge. You only pay for support or extras as you use them.


The system is open and yours. There are no secrets we hide and no lock-in where you are caught and depend on one vendor. Not only does this give you a higher level of freedom but also ensures your property and investment protection.

Desktop, Mobile, Groupware

CRM data is essential information in todays Enterprises. As such it also needs to be easily accessible anywhere at any time. Regardless if you use it from your mobile Device with our Mobile App offline or online, using the intuitive Browser UI or integrated with Outlook or Lotus Notes – SpiceCRM presents the information anytime and anywhere.

Enterprise Ready

Big or small – it does not matter we cater to any size. SpiceCRM is also enterprise ready. It is scalable, has an integrated Territorry Management that supports also the management of large organizations and also an integrated Deployment management to ensure ITIL compliant support and deployment process

Workflow Driven

SpiceCRM embraces the idea of workflows and clear structured business processes. Our workflow component supports automated business processes and ensures that organizational guidelines are well executed. Workflows can be easily customized catering to the ever changing business environment. It is also user friendly and easy to use.


Managing sales also requires to have a clear picture on what is going on at any point in time. Reporting is an essential component and the currently available most powerful reporting engine for SugarCRM is built in. This allows real time tracking of your goals and organizational performance ensuring that you understand in realtime where you are related to what you want to achieve and can easily take corrective measures.

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